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Easy to make crafts and DIY ideas for your home, parties and gatherings. Free printables and do-it-yourself projects. Come and craft a while with me x.

How to make a paper light shade

I love a light or two… Our house has so many down lights, it’s like we have a runway on the ceiling. But it’s missing some softness… When I saw this awesome paper light shade  here by Gabrielle Guy I knew I had to try making this. It’s super easy and I just love it was made with a

How to make hexagon frames for Instagram pics

Looking for an excuse to put your Instagram shots on display? Here’s how to make hexagon frames for your Instagram pics, so you can showcase your masterpieces. I’ve been meaning to back up my Instagram shots for a while now… …this little project has helped me make a copy of our memories and got me reminiscing along

How to wrap wine bottles as a gift

So… I do love a bit of wine economy… A couple of mates who have a studio kindly  let me use their space at Stem Media the other week, and I took a few shots of my prints for the shop. Of course they wouldn’t accept anything for the time I spent there, so I decided

Free printable garland + fold-a-shirt gift

Hi guys, I thought I’d share a free Printable Garland and how to make a cute shirt in a box gift for the person who has everything. It’s father’s day here this weekend and I’m looking for a cool idea to say…. “buy yourself something nice”. Our big guy is a bit fussy on his

Free DIY Fortune Teller Invite

Last week I received a Leibster Award from the lovely Katy Potaty and though it would be a great idea to give you my answers in the form of a DIY Fortune teller invite in gorgeous pink ombre. Download the FREE Fortune Teller Invite here   Katy asked me these questions, I thought it would be fun to find

Free DIY Fathers day gift labels

Fancy repurposing some strawberry crates into a beautiful gift for dad? Here’s how to make this easy DIY gift for father’s day, repurposing a strawberry crate and using my FREE printable. It’s a take on my Easter Egg Crates… So… If you’ve got some of these guys hanging around the house…   Get eating… then recycle them up and make your

Have you heard of printfinity business cards online?

They’re fancy pants business cards printed online from Moo… Using a print method called printfinity… (You can print as many different backs as you like in a print run)…   I love it…   It’s like a box of chocolates…   You never know which one you’re going to get.   I’ve been designing some quote prints… That will soon

Free DIY beach party invitations – folded 3D triangles

I went for a walk on the beach… and got inspired… That’s not hard with a view like that. It was the weathered wood that caught my eye and I snapped a few shots… Last week I made these triangle  boxes that were so easy to make, I wanted to explore that more. Here’s what

How to make this triangle box from cardboard

  We’ve got another party on this week and I thought I’d share some cute wrapping ideas with you (+ a super easy tutorial on how to make this gorgeous triangle box.) I make up lots of these pom poms and use them for wrapping embellishments. (See how easy it is here in my easter hat

Free Pizza Party Invite Printable

It’s been a bit of a pizza theme at our place lately. So, I decided to continue it, with a pizza party invite you can make yourself. Here’s two pizza party invite ideas you can print out and add your own details for your next party. There’s two options… The Pizza Box Invite.   Or… The Pizza

DIY ruler growth chart

We made this DIY ruler growth chart. Why? …to keep track of our height so we can go on all the rides at that theme park place of course! Height measuring started in earnest when we first saw the ads….   I told the little guy, You have to be a certain height to go on all

DIY Straw Garland + I’m a dreamer print

You may say I’m a dreamer… But I’m not the only one.   I love this quote.     This week I made a super easy straw garland, (to go with my new, I’m a dreamer print) that you could use for a beach party… Or make a necklace with the kids this holidays, Or a wall decoration,

DIY Gluten Free Ice Cream Cake

Last week I made this for my mum’s birthday, it’s a super easy Gluten Free ice cream cake, using Bulla Ice Cream, (gluten free) Nestle Chocolate Melts and home made Gluten Free Honeycomb. It’s a cinch to make and looks fabulous. I love the crunch in the ice cream, delish! Plus there’s an easy tutorial to

Word search birthday cards printable. The card for 27 occasions!

Lately we’ve had a lot of parties in our house and I have found myself quickly wrapping up a present as we are about to run out the door, I’ve been thinking to myself… “I really need to get a few birthday greeting cards on hand to use in a rush!” A child’s birthday party…

How to make your own Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

Follow this easy, step-by-step tutorial to make a DIY tissue paper tassel garland as a special touch for your next party, wedding or baby shower. We have a superhero party coming up at our place, last birthday I made tissue paper pom pom balls, so it is time for something new, I’m thinking these will

Fizzing colour… easy craft idea for kids this holidays

Looking for easy craft ideas for kids these school holidays? Try this super simple play idea that will keep the kids engrossed with things you already have in the kitchen cupboard – baking soda, vinegar and food dye, too easy! When you run out of ideas to keep the kids amused this holiday or even

Easter crafts using recycled pringles cans – Repurpose Art Challenge #10

A super easy easter craft idea for kids to help make. Repurpose some pringles or similar cans, and use my free easter printable or make your own version. Start by measuring the shape of your tubes, (I measured the tall ones to be 250mm x 220mm), outline the shape on A3 paper, then asked the

DIY Easter Bunny Hat Printable + Mini Pom Pom Tutorial

I’m sooo excited to say that my DIY Easter Bunny Hat printable + mini pom pom tutorial is being featured over at U Create today. The fabulous Kari has an awesome blog that showcases FREE Printables, kids crafts, recipes, party inspiration and more. I’m a massive fan and I’m pretty much jumping for joy at

DIY Free Easter Labels

We always have so many of these clear crates for strawberries and tomatoes at our house, do you? How about this cute recycling idea? An easter egg holder using one of my label templates Download the FREE DIY Easter Label for Strawberry Crates here Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make them, it easy

How grandpa grew up! A book sent as letters in the mail.

How beautiful is this?… a letter in the mail from grandpa over the course of a few weeks that makes the book… How Grandpa Grew Up! This beautiful idea started because my neices said “We never get any mail!” “In order to get mail you have to send mail”, their mum said, not long after

FREE Shamrock Printables for envelopes

Check out this fab idea inspired by St Patrick’s day, simply download and print out for free, then wrap around an envelope to create a stylish mail piece. The design features a four leaf clover and has the words faith, hope, love and luck. The other side of the label says.. Hello! From your most

A DIY Ice block for our four legged family member

  A while back, it was a whopping 34C where we live, our dog Murph doesn’t do heat well, probably accentuated by the fact that he needed a clip too. (We clip him every year so he gets some relief from the hot weather, makes him look like he’s shed about 3kgs too!) I saw

Do you have a christmas tradition? Here’s ours…

Christmas traditions do you have one? Here is ours…every year we light tealights in paper bags and make a trail on the lawn on Christmas eve for all the people in our lives. It started as a tribute to the beautiful Jae and has continued ever since. The first year we lit candles in white

Free Christmas paper and tags Printable

I know everyone is super busy at this time of year, so here is a tutorial and a FREE printable to make these cute teacher or classmate gifts that look like you spent hours on. They’re super quick to do and you can get the older kids to help out too! Here’s how I made

DIY Christmas lights that spell love – simple to do!

Kaboom… It’s nearly Christmas! I think lights make everything more magical. Don’t you? Last weekend we put the tree up at our place, early I know, but we had a helper from interstate and I thought she’d love to share the “tree putting up” with our little guy. So we did it! And she loved it!

DIY Santa Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

Get ready to countdown to Christmas with the kids with this Santa Christmas Countdown Calendar. Print this instant printable, then use cotton wool balls to make santa’s beard… see the easy tutorial below.   We’re getting ready to put up the tree at our house (I think I am more excited than anyone, I’m hoping we can

Christmas tags to make with the kids + Repurpose Art Challenge No. 8!

Get organised this rainy weekend… why not make some xmas tags with the kids or grandkids? There are 2 ideas to make here and a couple of repurpose artwork ideas for wrapping too! They look fab and the fact that they are handmade makes them even more special. I love it when you do something

A quick halloween decoration

Halloween is fast approaching and I thought we better get with the program. We have some Americans in our street and they always go all out with witches and pumpkins and all the kids in the cul-de-sac knock on the doors for trick or treat. So… I thought we’d give them a surprise when they

Entertain your kids with stuff you have in the garden

Sometimes everything you need is right infront of you… in the garden. Leaves, dirt, weeds, add a few toys you have lying around and you can pretend play for hours, we made a nature table, complete with a beanstalk from Jack in the Beanstalk. Who needs to buy new toys? You can check out the

These are the numbers that have shaped my life

These are my special numbers… They symbolise the places and times spent with some of my favourite people… my heritage. I’ve always liked the graphic look of using numbers in design, but it’s hard to find numbers that mean something to me. So I’ve designed up some graphics that have my own special meaning and

NEW in my etsy shop! Editable Reward Charts – Superhero and Fairy – instant downloads

Reward charts are super huge in my house. My little guy loves receiving a sticker for doing those little things like, getting dressed by himself, listening to mummy and daddy, sharing, etc. I find it makes for an easy escape from the house in the morning to when I say “It’s time to get dressed

Make a dinosaur garden with your kids

My little guy and I recently made a dinosaur garden. Was so much fun! The best thing is it keeps continuing to grow and give more fun as the days go on, I never thought it would be such a hit, especially the water sprayer!   You can check out the full post over at

Make a mod podge light cover with your child’s artwork- Repurpose Art Challenge #6

Introducing the cutest light switch… As part of my Repurpose Art Challenge, I received this absolutely beautiful drawing from Lincoln. What a beautiful piece! Far too cute not to see the light of night! (Pardon the pun) So…I decided to make this into a light cover for his bedroom.   YOU WILL NEED: Artwork and

DIY Magnetic Seashell Clock

How to make a diy magnetic seashell clock… it’s super easy. The beach is one of our favourite places. We sometimes collect a few special shells from our beach adventures, when we come home we put them in the “shell bowl”. I thought I’d have a try at making something with these memories of our

Fold a dollar note into a shirt present

What do you get someone who has everything? I have a few cousins that are at that age where it’s difficult to buy a gift, we usually send them a voucher or deposit some money in an account for their birthday. I saw a dollar note folded into a shirt and thought this could be

Repurpose your child’s artwork onto tin cans and stick them on a magnetic knife rack!

I’ve been saving tin cans for a while now, here is a way to give them a facelift and then hang on a magnetic strip for more storage. I scanned in some of our blow straw art from this post (and a few others that we did making butterflies by folding the paper on blobs

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