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Tomfo 2016 Family Organiser updates, new products in the shop, designer cushions, prints and the Yamba Scandi Collection. Scandinavian inspired design with a touch of Yamba.

Milk and the power of one

  I saw a 16 year old girl who stood up this morning. For milk. And farmers And families. And Australia. And for Australian owned businesses. And getting a fair go. And for so much more in the bigger picture. And I signed her petition. {Thank you Chloe.} And I’m asking you to join me standing

25 awesome things to do in Yamba

We’ve recently moved from Sydney to Yamba to start a whole new life, of less stress and simpler lifestyle choices, I thought I’d share a few of the awesome things we’ve found to do in Yamba. I think these will be some of your favourite things to do in Yamba.         1. Book a seat at

My 5 favourite things {at the moment}

We’ve moved! While brown packing boxes and the paper inside them, are my least favourite things at the moment…   I am sharing my 5 favourite things over at My Brown Paper Packages today. Head over here to check them out.     Here’s the view from the car on the way to Yamba below. {Our new sea

Gallipoli Street – by Mary-Anne O’Connor

I had another post marked for today… But… These last few weeks, I saw someone’s dream coming true… After years of hard work. Belief. Knockbacks. Rewrites. And more Belief.   My friend became a published author. (about time, she’s a brilliant writer)   The new fiction novel, Gallipoli Street by Mary-Anne O’Connor Is a fiction novel

14 inspirational quotes for kids

I believe our lives are made up of many tiny stories, And… Inspirational people…   So, I asked some of my family to give me a quote or saying that we could put on our son’s wall, we’re doing a makeover on his bedroom, (check it out here) and I wanted to personalise the space with our own

2015 Family Organiser Calendars – available in my shop

Looking for a neat way to get your family organised for next year? The 2015 family organiser calendars are now available in my shop. You can purchase here. With a 6 column grid so you can see what everyone’s doing at-a-glance… it’s the perfect family organiser and comes with 368 stickers.     This years calendar features

Have you heard of printfinity business cards online?

They’re fancy pants business cards printed online from Moo… Using a print method called printfinity… (You can print as many different backs as you like in a print run)…   I love it…   It’s like a box of chocolates…   You never know which one you’re going to get.   I’ve been designing some quote prints… That will soon

Happy Valentines day, a quick sticker for my lover

We don’t do valentines at our house… but I can’t help myself, I have to do something, even if it’s a handmade card or a flower on the bench. Last night I ducked outside and stuck a few heart stickers on the door handles and both mirrors on my husbands truck, just for fun. The

A rap song about Tomfo

With the help of some talented people, I can say it’s a wrap! We made a video! Christmas is fast approaching and I thought it was a good time to reflect on all that’s happened on my little blog over the past nine months. I had so much fun creating this with the guys, I

Bali… You know I love you! – My favourite restaurants in Bali, accommodation and shopping!

My love affair started with Bali over 15 years ago, I think we have stayed here about 10 times since, it’s the holiday that everyone in our family loves. We love the people, the food, the sunset on the beach, did I mention shopping and massages, oh, and the surf! It’s all about the surf

2014 TOMFO (Tomorrow’s Family Organiser) Calendar – it’s time for a giveaway there’s 10 to be won!

  It’s time for a giveaway, there are 10  x 2014 Family Organiser Calendars to win! Valued at $25 each! Tomfo is more than a calendar, it will help you organise your life so you can get on with doing all the things you love! It features a 6 column grid and has space to write

The Life Creative recently featured TOMFO on the blog – very chuffed

So… I am a fan of the fabulous Chris over at The Life Creative. He has a fab blog about home and lifestyle with a local flavour, loves a cushion or ten and dabbles in all things crafty and DIY. I love his style, especially his creative finds and the fact that he supports local

New Personalised Map Art now in the shop! Printables, Prints and Cushions!

Introducing new custom map art! Send me your street name, number and suburb and choose from 5 colour options and I will design you  a personalised pdf that you can print out and frame or make into a cushion.   MAKE IT INTO A CUSHION FOR ME! We’ve teamed up with the fabulous people at

It’s all about the shoes…the night I got the look from a celeb!

Funny how a new pair of shoes can make you feel like a million bucks! A lighthearted story about a mum in killer heels and a couple of shoes quotes thrown in to boot!   A few weeks ago my husband and I went on a night out to the city. Our adventure took us

2014 TOMFO, the family organiser calendar

With space to keep track of up to 6 family members, 2014 TOMFO is the perfect month-at-a-glance family planner for busy mums! This 6 column grid format is a perfect way to organise your busy family, with spaces to write up to 6 family members appointments and events, you’ll be super organised so you can

NEW in my etsy shop! Editable Reward Charts – Superhero and Fairy – instant downloads

Reward charts are super huge in my house. My little guy loves receiving a sticker for doing those little things like, getting dressed by himself, listening to mummy and daddy, sharing, etc. I find it makes for an easy escape from the house in the morning to when I say “It’s time to get dressed

Tomfo – Tomorrow’s Family Organiser – our August pic

The year is flying by, before you know it… it will be Christmas! (That’s crazy stuff) I’ve been designing and producing these family organisers since 2002, that’s 12 years, (when you count our new 2014 version) such a long love affair with a calendar. Here is the pic that has been hanging on our wall

Tomfo – Tomorrow’s Family Organiser – Where did July go?

Hey there, it’s nearly the end of July already! You’re kidding right! So close to August I can pretty much touch it! If you haven’t already got one of these Family Organisers you’ve still got till 25th July to enter for a chance to win one of 25! I love this organiser, it has a

1000 Awesome Fans – Thanks guys. I’m nuts about you!

Seems I am forever saying to my little guy, “What’s the magic word? Please? Thank you?” Only fitting then, that I should live by my words. Tomfo started 4 months ago, inspired by Tom, I reckon he’d be giving me high fives for reaching 1000 “smoking hot” fans! So… I wanted to say thankyou for hanging around.

Looking for an easy fundraiser for your school or organisation? Try TOMFO the must-have 2014 family organiser.

Next years 2015 TOMFO™ (Tomorrow’s Family Organiser) has a grid column format for up to SIX busy family members. So you can see at a glance what everyone is doing. TOMFO™ is the perfect Family Organiser Calendar that will keep you on top of everything that’s happening in the life of your busy family… hang it

TOMFO – Tomorrow’s Family Organiser – June postcard

Winter has appeared, it’s June already! Here is our pic for the month of June. What’s on for you this month? You can keep track of everyone’s activities, birthdays, meal plans, bills to pay etc, with TOMFO – Tomorrow’s Family Organiser.   I thought I’d share with you a comment about our Family Organiser by

Epic in 3D – my first movie review!

On the weekend we took a trip to see the preview of Epic in 3D. The Natural Cordial Company extended an invite to a sneak peak, needless to say we jumped at the chance. Two 4 year olds, a ten year old and two mums. It was 3D so the guys were excited! On the

Join the Tomfo More Than Money Photo Share

Here’s how it works! • Whenever you feel like it, or see it, take a photo that means more than money to you. It could be a person, a thing, a texture, nature, anything! • Once you’ve taken the photo then share it. • You can take a photo every day, once in a blue moon or

Happy mothers day – Join the TOMFO more than money photo share!

This morning as I dropped off my little boy, the teachers at Kindy said, “Do you have “time” to sit down and have a croissant and jam for Mother’s Day?”… “I said “Sure, I’d love to!” In the back of my mind I thought, “Oh crap I haven’t read the newsletter, what a bad mother!”

Tomfo – Tomorrow’s Family Organiser – May postcard

Here is our pic for the month of May. It’s Autumn here, time to get organised and be ready to enjoy the wood fire, if you’re lucky enough to have one. Tomorrow’s Family Organiser is the perfect way to keep track of all those events and happenings in your busy family life. Vaccination jabs for

They have become our sons as well… Anzac Day 2013

I once met the most amazing storyteller in Canakkale… He was a Turk, his grandfather fought at Gallipoli and as a kid, he and his friends would climb the hills and pick up spent bullets and shrapnel. As I sat on a tour bus he told us the story about how his ancestors protected their

Things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF

So it’s been over a month and I’d love to be friends. I thought you might like to know a bit more about me… I got this idea from the very beautiful Ashley from Little Miss Momma, she’s gorgeous and I love her blog. I am a dreamer… and a thinker, I am always thinking,

Tomfo – Tomorrow’s Family Organiser – April postcard

Here is our pic for the month of April. You can purchase a 2013 Tomorrow’s Family Organiser online here. It’s difficult keeping track of everything. School assignments, homework due, library, sport, excursions, afterschool activities, doctors appointment, playdates, birthdays etc and that’s just the kids. Tomfo Family Organiser – has 5 columns for busy family members,

A quote, a quote! my kingdom for a quote – from Dad

When I was a kid, my dad would always quote quotes! At the time my friends and I would say Good old P, wind him up, he’s on a roll again”, as you do when you are young. He was there when I had my first art show, with my amazing mum, he was there


Thanks to everyone for your support of our new blog Tomfo. The winners of our 25 Family Organisers have been drawn, they are: Jennifer Crawford, Brenda Bannah Young, Bernadette Binning, Natalie Stoute, Kerry Hall, Lia Wood, Belinda Harrison, Janice Wong, Kim Houstein, Amanda McCann, BL Mac, Christine Jones, Brett N Katie Smith, Vicky Cameron, Emmalina Lautaimi, Joanne Ros Pompei,

Who is Sarah Preston?

The latest big news A lot has happened since I started this blog  in 2013. We’ve sold our house in the big smoke (Sydney) and made a sea change to a small coastal town called Yamba, and we’ve built our dream home on a budget in 5 months. I’ve created the Yamba Scandi Collection, it’s inspired by the patterns

Our March postcard- Tomfo

Check out our March pic, it’s featured on the 2013 Family Organiser for the whole month. It looks great on a postcard! Need a family planner to help you get organised so you can make more time to spend doing the things you love? Check out the ultimate family organiser in our shop here, with 5 columns so


As a special promo for our launch, we’re giving away 25 of our 2013 Family Organisers to our Facebook fans! To enter: Simply like our Facebook page. You’ll go int the draw and winners will be notified on the blog. Closes midnight Sunday March 2013.   The competition starts March 7 2013, and ends

Tomfo – Tomorrow’s Family Organiser – February’s postcard

Here is our postcard for February. Need some organisation in your life? Check out our 2013 Family Organiser This is the pic for this month with 5 columns for busy family members, it’s the perfect family planner. Keep track of all your appointments, and don’t forget to schedule in some me time! You can purchase

Live with love – Tomfo – welcome to the blog…

My mission is to live with love. It’s a mission inspired by one awesome guy – Tom. Who is Sarah Preston? I am a mum, a wife and work full-time as a graphic designer/lover of anything creative. I am a mix of my mum and dad and theirs before them and they all link back

Love the 2020 Family organiser- the perfect family planner!

We have been publishing and designing the Family Organiser for 13 years. This year’s 2020 Family organiser is available now to print yourself . Checking Tomfo in the kitchen when I make a cuppa or cook tea is so easy. Keeps everyone in the loop and all we need to do is check the calendar to see what everyone

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Sarah-Preston-TomfoHi I'm Sarah, I'm a blogger and an artist who’s made the sea change and moved to the north coast of Australia. I love an easy DIY and making my house my canvas, my new home has become my greatest project: Yamba Scandi. Come visit me in my shop to view my collection of prints, canvasses, home decor and paper goods READ MORE.

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Yamba Scandi Collection // Black and white prints and canvasses // Home decor //Paper goods

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