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These are the numbers that have shaped my life

These are my special numbers…

They symbolise the places and times spent with some of my favourite people… my heritage. I’ve always liked the graphic look of using numbers in design, but it’s hard to find numbers that mean something to me. So I’ve designed up some graphics that have my own special meaning and now we can use them in our home. You can order your own personalised map art in my shop now too.

Here’s my story in a nutshell mapped out on cushions…


28 stands for Tom and living with love, courage, magic moments, awesome one liners, uncontrollable laughter, Christmas in July, football banter, red cards, 20 people sleeping on a floor in the lounge room before we had kids, broken letterboxes. A million/trillion candles everywhere, a welcoming home and family, one smokin’ hot guy, Max. Dress up party’s, the original Kris Kringle, predictions for next year- and rereading them the year after, finishing the race, affectionate nicknames, yummy food, and a bunch of people that I am privileged to have in my life. It just happens to be my favourite cousins, (don’t tell the others) birthday today -sending you kisses and hugs Tom.  xxx 28 sparkles in my heart because of you!


13 stands for mum and dad, brothers and sisters and caring neighbours, first cars, dad driving me to the next station to make the train, mum making formal dresses, curried tuna on Fridays, the white valiant, hanging over the back fence (already in a cossie), waiting to be asked for a swim in the neighbours pool after school, an olive green telephone, unconditional love, inspiration and creativity and an abundance of support, it’s where I grew up and lived for 22 years. Childhood friends – (I still have), a grandkids wonderland, it is now my little guys 15, 39 and 111. Extra esky’s at christmas and lilo beds on the floor, Kris Kringle, cups of tea, celebrations, and favourite dinners on birthdays. This place is etched in my soul.

TOMFO-personalised-map-art3939 stands for christmas and family holidays, blue carpet, corned beef, soda streams, nanna on the back of the motorbike, a full house, a car packed to the brim with presents, cricket one dayers on the tele, the dip on the hill – (that mean’t you’d arrived), sleeping in my uncle and aunties room, a million, trillion photos on the buffet, a place where everyone was happy, really high stools in the kitchen, fabulous cousins, uncles and aunties, the dulcet tones of my uncle and Pauline always talking. x


111 reminds me of red dirt on the road, my grandma sitting by that window waiting for us all to arrive for christmas, the double decker bus, pop throwing thongs off the veranda, soft drinks in the garage fridge, a mass of presents on christmas day, first solo holiday when I was a teenager, the wellington boot, fire engines at the bowling club, neatly manicured gardens lining the pathway and orchids out the back, horse racing and the smell of bacon and eggs.




13 is our place, we are building a life and home that will hopefully have as much meaning as the ones before us for our little guy, it stands for gatherings with old and new friends, the place my husband proposed to me, first day home from hospital with our son, new puppies, impromptu visits (my favourite), bbq’s and birthday parties and many milestones in the lives of our little family already.


15 is for grandma and grandpa right next door, chats after work, spontaneous dinners, talks about nothing and everything, built in baby sitters, “ask grandma”, jazz playing on a sunny day, the door opening every time that truck reverses up the driveway, 5’oclock cheese and wine on the deck, the unconditional love of a mother and son, grandson and now daughter-in-law.




I could go on forever about these numbers… I probably will – and there will definitely be new ones. Thanks Tom, for helping me see the people that have shaped my life, and giving me this beautiful motto, live with love!

I am just a bit excited as I have found a place to custom print these designs onto cushions – Aussie Cushions. I love design that means something, it’s pretty cool I reckon.

If you are interested contact me, {} I could design a digital print for you with your special numbers mapped on them, you could use it to print out and frame like below or do something like me, make them into cushions.

You can now order your own personalised map art here.

Also available in my Etsy shop





What are your special numbers? I’d love to hear your story.



Live with Love,







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