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Children’s art is so beautiful, the repurpose art challenge, is a way of encouraging us to display and use this abundant art in everyday life and make it part of our homes.

Easter crafts using recycled pringles cans – Repurpose Art Challenge #10

A super easy easter craft idea for kids to help make. Repurpose some pringles or similar cans, and use my free easter printable or make your own version. Start by measuring the shape of your tubes, (I measured the tall ones to be 250mm x 220mm), outline the shape on A3 paper, then asked the

Free Christmas paper and tags Printable

I know everyone is super busy at this time of year, so here is a tutorial and a FREE printable to make these cute teacher or classmate gifts that look like you spent hours on. They’re super quick to do and you can get the older kids to help out too! Here’s how I made

Christmas tags to make with the kids + Repurpose Art Challenge No. 8!

Get organised this rainy weekend… why not make some xmas tags with the kids or grandkids? There are 2 ideas to make here and a couple of repurpose artwork ideas for wrapping too! They look fab and the fact that they are handmade makes them even more special. I love it when you do something

Repurpose Art Challenge #7 – Gemma’s new prints

Introducing this beautiful artwork by Gemma, my challenge was… how to make this better, is that possible at all? I think it is perfect just the way it is, however, a challenge is a challenge. So, I came up with the idea of making a print of this beautiful drawing. I love the strong black

Make a mod podge light cover with your child’s artwork- Repurpose Art Challenge #6

Introducing the cutest light switch… As part of my Repurpose Art Challenge, I received this absolutely beautiful drawing from Lincoln. What a beautiful piece! Far too cute not to see the light of night! (Pardon the pun) So…I decided to make this into a light cover for his bedroom.   YOU WILL NEED: Artwork and

Speedy circle present wrap idea using children’s art – repurpose art challenge #5

Here’s a quick present wrap idea. Got some scissors, paper and a stapler? Cut a circle out of some artwork, paper, a magazine etc and then staple the two pieces together. Leave a space at the top to insert your gift and you’ve got a neat way to wrap a present. Or check out my

Repurposing artwork into magnetic dominoes – RAC #4

Introducing Ella’s beautiful drawing. I love it, it’s gorgeous! As part of my Repurpose Art Challenge, I decided to turn this pic into a set of magnetic dominoes. I’ve always wanted to have a set of dominoes on the fridge. So when I saw this image come in, I knew it would also be a

Make a paper necklace from your child’s artwork -Tomfo Repurpose Art Challenge #3

When I received these artworks from the beautiful Ruby and Jess for the Repurpose Art Challenge, I initially had another project in mind. But, after looking at the colours, I decided to make some beautiful beads and turn these into a necklace that their mum can wear (if the girls let her!) I think being

Quick present wrapping with kids art – Repurpose Art Challenge #2

Need a quick way to wrap up a present? Try this easy idea with your child’s art and a stapler! No sticky tape necessary! I had some artwork scanned in from the Repurpose Art Challenge #3 so I printed out a couple of pages and made this quick wrap idea. You will need: Paper Stapler

Repurpose kids art into a clock – Introducing Charlie’s Clock

Introducing the first piece in my Repurpose Art Challenge, this one’s from Charlie. What a fab piece of art, it’s ink on paper towel (a great idea mum, think we might give this technique a go too!) the colours are soooo beautiful, I love the fluidity! I decided to turn it into a clock…  Here’s

Repurpose kids art into storage for their artworks

  I said to my little guy, “I’m sooooo excited today!” He said, “Why… are you getting chocolate?”   Too cute, I wasn’t getting chocolate today, but I might just treat myself now. I’m writing for Mum’s Lounge! My first post is up over there today, it’s all about repurposing kids art and then using

Repurposing art challenge – the details

I have set myself a challenge… Are you interested? Fancy me turning a piece of your art into something else? Maybe it could be a clock, something for the fridge, a totally new piece of art, a sculpture? I’m keen if you are.. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS 1. Scan in your art Preferably A4 size, (must

Repurpose your child’s artwork onto tin cans and stick them on a magnetic knife rack!

I’ve been saving tin cans for a while now, here is a way to give them a facelift and then hang on a magnetic strip for more storage. I scanned in some of our blow straw art from this post (and a few others that we did making butterflies by folding the paper on blobs

Blow Paint Envelopes – Repurpose Children’s Art into a Thank You Gift

These are the creations the kids made at my little guys party, they were too wonderful to throw away so I cut them up and put them into our “blow paint envelopes” so they could keep their masterpieces. Here’s how we made the envelopes… BLOW PAINT ENVELOPES You will need: Envelopes Straws Ice cube tray –

DIY mason Jar Lights using kids artwork

Try this easy idea, using tracing paper and some black and white variations of our marble art post, we created these fab mason jar lights with battery powered tea lights. You will need: Kids artwork (we used our marble paintings) Tracing paper Ruler Knife Sticky tape Mason Jars (or something similar) Battery Powered tea lights

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