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How grandpa grew up! A book sent as letters in the mail.

How beautiful is this?… a letter in the mail from grandpa over the course of a few weeks that makes the book… How Grandpa Grew Up!

This beautiful idea started because my neices said “We never get any mail!” “In order to get mail you have to send mail”, their mum said, not long after Grandpa found this out he started writing a letter every few days and told them some stories of how he grew up.

Mum and dad both dropped into my house for a coffee unexpectedly one day and gave us a copy for our little guy to keep as well, how gorgeous, my heart just melted when I heard how the book came about.


I loved the book even more, look at the beautiful intro…


There’s a story about dad getting lost in the bush (I never knew that), I can just imagine the whole town out searching…


We took the book to kindy to read and the bit they liked the best was that dad slept in a bath… (well that’s pretty crazy, so yes, I guess that’s a fair call, how lucky we are!)


Dad would stop the story and send a new letter with the next instalment every few days, what a clever way to keep the girls attention and have them excited to receive letters!


There are about 11 chapters and stories of how he wished for a red blue and white plane for his birthday and and luckily got it, when he went to hospital, his dog called bones and heaps of other gems, I’ve loved reading them as much as the little guy.

I adore the cover, it has all the things about him, his favourite number, his mum and dad’s name, where he grew up and all his drawings, just gorgeous!


I’ve taken photos of every page so we will always have a copy, this is a beautiful keepsake, that was once a series of letters in the mail and one we will look at for years to come.

Such a clever idea, I had to share incase it inspires anyone to write some letters.

Mum will have to do one next! She’s the other clever one who wanted a timeline canvas

Come to think of it, I will too, the things I remember about growing up will be so “old hat” by the time our little guy is older.

Like, I remember we used to have a green phone, the one with round face that you used your fingers to turn the circle and inturn dial the numbers.

There was no answering machine and you had to be there to answer it!

My sister was always on it and we all had to wait our turn, there was a 10 minute limit, crazy hey!

One thing is consistent though… love… I’m glad mum and dad and the family and friends around us keep showing us that… priceless!

Do have memories of how you/your parents grew up?

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10 responses to “How grandpa grew up! A book sent as letters in the mail.”

  1. Chris says:

    What a beautiful thing to do certainly something to treasure for life. I’ve always known your mum and dad are very special people. I might just have a go at something like that myself!
    Enjoy luv Chris xo

  2. Renee says:

    What a wonderful grandpa!
    So lucky to be able to share his stories!
    Excellent keepsake

  3. This is a wonderful way to cherish memories and build relationships! I pinned this to my “parenting” board, my “children” board AND my “education” board on Pinterest! It’s a wonderful activity that can be used in so many ways!
    Bonnie a.k.a. LadyBlogger recently posted…What I Learned Reading Harriet The SpyMy Profile

  4. Jane says:

    R&J were so excited to receive the story!
    They have learnt that to receive letters you must write them yourself.
    Otherwise they are just bills……
    Great way to keep the writing practise up.

  5. I love this. I adore letters in the mail so this is just perfect and very special. Thank you for sharing this over at All That Is Beautiful’s link up. So glad to have this post to send my readers too. xx
    Elizabeth@allthatisbeautiful recently posted…All That Is Beautiful Link Magazine March 2014 – The Best Blog Reads To Explore Right Here!My Profile

    • mfoadmn says:

      Thanks Elizabeth, I’m a big fan of your beautiful blog and love your magazine, that’s lovely to hear, have a great evening.

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