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A DIY Ice block for our four legged family member


A while back, it was a whopping 34C where we live, our dog Murph doesn’t do heat well, probably accentuated by the fact that he needed a clip too. (We clip him every year so he gets some relief from the hot weather, makes him look like he’s shed about 3kgs too!)

I saw these ice treats for dogs on Better Homes and Gardens a while back…  and decided to give them a try.



I always seem to have a bit of stock left over in the fridge so this is a good way to use up the leftovers too, first I used half/half mix and a handful of dry dog food.

Fill a plastic bowl with half water, half stock and add a few treats. I refrigerated overnight and put the bowl under the tap to release, or just let it sit for a while, then take from the mould and give to your four legged friend.



 Our Murph loved it… of course I think It had a few too many treats in the first one!

I tried a second version and chopped up some carrot and used a bit less of the stock, he loved this as well, although the treat version was a definite favourite.





Either way I think these are a super idea, easy to make, and will be great for the hot days coming up, needless to say our freezer has a few of these ready for the weekend here.

He really is a fab member of our family, he’s great with the little guy and the kids that come over too, doesn’t bark (high five for that), which I love! His brother does next door though, so he’s the security guard for us. You can check out his digs here, but he’s also known to be found on the couch taking a nap when we are home! Who would have thought I’d let a dog on the couch… I don’t believe it myself!


When he was a pup, I patted him every time he ate, because I didn’t want a cranky dog at meal times as we had our little guy on the way. All that hard work paid off, he waits till he hears the words “take it” and I still give him a big pat while he is eating. He and the little guy play together and Murph is so patient and tolerant.

I remember one Christmas before we had the little guy, we took him to home for Christmas Eve and he stayed the night. (Crazy dog owners, we even signed our cards with his name on it back then!) As we sat down for Christmas lunch we thought he had eaten some rat poison, so we both missed lunch and took him to the vets, all turned out fine though… the things we do!


We are so lucky to have him, he’s always happy to see us, loves a cuddle, a walk and of course food! We recently went on holidays and he went to stay with some friends, it was weird to not have him sitting under my feet every time I opened the fridge door or looking at me with those “feed me eyes”.


My cousin Tom had a fabulous dog called Max. Now, he really is properly trained and is truly a special dog, he’s still part of Tom’s family today. He was trained by the guys over at Assistance Dogs, I’d love you to check out some of the fab work the guys do over there, if you have a spare minute, take a read at some of the stories and see how these fabulous dogs can change peoples lives and help give people of all ages independence.

Here is our beautiful guy, all clipped and ready for a few ice blocks this weekend. Check out the wagging tail… see that clip really does take off the kilos! LOOKING GOOD MURPH!



How do you keep your dog cool in summer?

I’d love to hear drop me a line on my facebook page or send me an email sarahpreston{at}



Live with Love,


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