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Easy to make crafts and DIY ideas for your home, parties and gatherings. Free printables and do-it-yourself projects. Come and craft a while with me x.

DIY wire mesh memo board

I’ve always fancied one of these wire mesh memo boards. Now I’ve got two.   I thought you might like to know how we did it with some mini mesh panelling I found at the hardware store and some leftover screws and spacers we had.   So you can make one, … or two, yourself.  

There Will Be Much Mistletoeing – {A free printable}

Need a quick and easy way to jazz up your house this Christmas… Yamba Scandi Style? Try this free Christmas printable download. There will be much mistletoeing.   I’m looking forward to lots of mistletoeing this Christmas. {Even without my favourites around} Fun, Friends, and love, in our new home.   And, I hope for you, in your homes too.

Easy DIY Christmas Light Wreath

Need a super easy decoration for Christmas? Try this DIY Christmas Light Wreath you can make in 10 mins.     DIY Christmas Light Wreath   You will need: White christmas lights (I used clear cord) Wire wreath (You could also use cane or foam) Large ribbon for bow Hook to hang   To make: Wrap the

Free moving house change of address checklist printable

Moving… It’s a double edged sword. 7 months ago we moved. and we’re about to do it all again.   I remember changing address details took months to finally complete. So I’ve made a up a Free Moving House – Change of Address Checklist.   This time I’ll be better organised. And I won’t get

The laundry quote a free printable

    It’s not my favourite thing… doing laundry.   Recently, my mum came to town and she said politely… “I notice you wash all your clothes together?   You know… They will never be as white as they were yesterday?”   Then we went and had a fabulous lunch of prawns and a drop

The “Y” print a new piece in the Yamba Scandi Collection

  The other week I was asked, “What’s your why?”   I’ve always wanted to create a letter print, but it needed to have meaning behind it. So here it is… The “Y” print. It’s a series of four prints and you can download one for free too. …Kinda like a reminder to ask yourself… why? (And

DIY Scandi Style Mirror

    I get by with a little help… from my handyman. This DIY Scandi Style Mirror requires two 5mm grooves in each piece of dowel, which, I definitely couldn’t do perfectly. Luckily, I found Nigel, Yamba’s Handyman.   We have no full length mirrors in our new house, and rather than add mirrored doors on our wardrobes, I thought we’d

DIY Modern Macrame Wall Hanging

  Fancy making a modern macrame wall hanging? I’ve been meaning to… for ages. And, I’ve finally done it. As we get closer to moving into our new home, I’m gathering all things black and white and neutral so we can create a Scandinavian feel. I love the combination of wool and cord… Just makes you want to

DIY Pallet Shoe Rack

I promised an easy DIY this week. And here it is. The easiest shoe rack ever!   How to make this DIY shoe rack using a pallet and some paint.   You will need: A pallet (I got one for free from my local hardware store) Black outdoor paint Paintbrush Sander   To make: Lightly sand

DIY Concrete Stool

  I’ve been getting my concrete on lately. And this DIY Concrete Stool from Home Made Modern has been on my hit list, ever since I pinned it on my Pinterest DIY board. It’s made from a bucket, concrete, some dowel and white paint. Super easy to make and hopefully it’s going to take pride of place in our new guest

DIY Big Fringe Garland

  I’ve been eyeing off this Big Fringe Garland from one of my favourite bloggers Oh Happy Day for a while now. We tried it. Loved it. And the best bit… It’s super easy to make.   It was the perfect backdrop for our recent Soccer themed party.   How to make a Big Fringe

DIY Concrete Mozzie Coil Holder

I don’t know about you… but, I get bitten by mozzies something fierce. We always seem to have a thousand mozzie coils lying around with no real home, we’d burn them on rocks, saucers, anything we can find at the time, (and we’d always lose that little metal holder). Until, now… I’ve created my own mozzie coil holder

DIY Soccer Party Poppers + A Free Printable

I’m a soccer mum now. So, obviously, we are having a soccer themed party this year. I’ve decided to jazz up some party poppers for the kids. It’s super easy to do. And who doesn’t love a party popper? Here’s how to make these soccer party poppers and there’s a free party popper printable to download too.

How to make a modern macrame plant hanger with venetian blind cord

How to make a modern macrame plant hanger with venetian blind cord, a stemless wineglass, an air plant and some decorative rocks. It’s super easy to do, check out the tutorial below.   You will need: Stemless Wine Glass or similar vessel Decorative rocks from the $2 dollar store Air Plant (I got mine from Bunnings)

How to make a sphagnum moss ball

  How to make this super easy Sphagnum moss ball planter. I saw some sphagnum moss at Big W the other day and had to give this a go. It was really easy. Just a bit messy. The finished product looks fab I think. If you don’t mind a bit of mess, here’s how I made

Do all the little things – free printable

  Today, I’m sharing a free printable. Do all the little things. It’s a reminder to myself, to do just that. {Sometimes, they can turn out to be the big things that make your day.}     This week, I did a little thing, Moved some work times around and made it to my little

5 Easy DIY Easter gifts/hats to make

  Easter is just around the corner. So… I thought I’d do a recap of some of my Easter crafts from last year today.   DIY Easter Gifts using recycled Strawberry/Tomato Punnets. A great way to re-use some old strawberry crates and make these Easter gift ideas. You can read the full tutorial and download the free

DIY Magnetic Shopping/To-Do List

  How to make this DIY magnetic Shopping/To-Do list. The other day, The new primary carer in our house, (PC, we call him for short) requested a shopping/to do list to help him get organised.   I thought I’d oblige with an easy option that you can make yourself.   It’s inspired by our new surroundings.

Do what you love – Free Printable

    I’m sharing a free printable today. Do what you love… then you will always be smiling. Inspired by my uncle Frank.   We have moved from the big smoke to a small town called Yamba. And that’s just what I plan to do… Today, I got my brushes out, And started doing what I

DIY Paper Fortune Cookie with Free Printable

Today I’m sharing how a DIY Paper Fortune Cookie with a free printable over at Sweetly Chic Events. Most of my close friends will know, I adore fried rice… we had it on the menu at our wedding, and our invitation was a fortune cookie with the invitation inside in a Chinese takeaway box. I love… the fortune cookie.

Gallipoli Street – by Mary-Anne O’Connor

I had another post marked for today… But… These last few weeks, I saw someone’s dream coming true… After years of hard work. Belief. Knockbacks. Rewrites. And more Belief.   My friend became a published author. (about time, she’s a brilliant writer)   The new fiction novel, Gallipoli Street by Mary-Anne O’Connor Is a fiction novel

Free Valentine’s day “I love you” seed envelope printable

  I’m back…. That was a long break! Fabulously long. I’ve missed you all.   I’m sharing a FREE Valentine’s day printable today. It’s super easy…   Download the template to make a seed envelope and add some chilli seeds for a bit of fun this Valentine’s day.   Or any day really.   DIY VALENTINE “I

Free Sparkler Favour Tag for New Year’s Eve and all year round

  Today I’m over at the fabulous Sweetly Chic Events sharing this Free Sparkler Favour Tag for New Year’s Eve. Thanks for being part of my journey this year … I hope you’ve had the sweetest little Christmas.   And… Happy New Year!   I thought you might like this free printable to celebrate 2015… Simply

How to take a photo of Santa in your house

  Fancy catching Santa in your house this Christmas to show he’s been there for the kids? I love this idea… You can take a photo of Santa at your place and show the kids in the morning. So cool, I can’t wait to do this at Grandmas house on Christmas Eve.     I had

FREE Countdown to School Calendar

  We are getting ready for Christmas here… And… We’re also getting ready for “big school”.   Very soon… our Santa’s Beard Countdown Calendar will be full of cotton wool and we’ll all be sleeping at Grandma and Grandpa’s waiting for that dude to swing by our house. That’s the morning, I’m totally torn..   I’m so not

Free DIY Lime Gift Tag Printables for Homemade Lime Hand Cream

  When life gives you limes… Make hand cream! You might be forgiven for thinking I’ve gone a bit fruity over here… You’d be right though. Literally and figuratively. It’s Christmas, everyone gets a bit fruity then don’t they?   I’ve teamed up with talented Bele from Blah Blah Magazine to make a Free Lime Gift

Merry Everything… Watermelon wallpaper for computer + iPhone

    Merry Everything… Seeing as there’s only 17 days until Christmas… I thought you  might like to get festive with this FREE Watermelon Christmas Tree Wallpaper download for your computer or iPhone. There’s an iPad version too, if you want to go crazy. This is what my desktop looks like… (It’s not always this tidy, though)

DIY Christmas Tree Paper Garland

  Today I’m over at Sweetly Chic Events with the gorgeous Missy and Kirstin sharing a DIY Christmas Tree Garland. You can never have enough lights at christmas right? This garland uses a string of lights and a free printable, but you could also hang it on some ribbon or string, there’s even a star

Christmas DIY Lollipop Bouquet Gift – Free Printable

I’m  thrilled to be hijacking the lovely Sonia’s blog, Life Love and Hiccups while she is in Dubai with 20 other Nuffnang Blogerati Bloggers. I’m sharing a DIY Lollipop Bouquet Gift with a free printable over there today. It’s super easy to do and it will make you look like a super mum or dad. Meanwhile… old cinders

How to make white clay christmas ornaments

A simple DIY to make white clay Christmas ornaments with just 3 ingredients. The clay is super soft and brilliant white. And… It feels magic to touch too! I’ve been waiting for this personalised rolling pin so we could make these. It arrived the other day and we got straight into making these gorgeous things.   OMG I’m

How to hang wallpaper – world map custom wallpaper

This is an easy tutorial on how to hang wallpaper sponsored by Wallpapered. We hung this in around 3 hours. The secret… is getting that first piece hung perfectly square. Which is easy to do… I found out.     Head here to start at the beginning of my son’s bedroom makeover   Firstly, we

Printable Christmas Tags

Fancy being super organised for Christmas this year? Download these printable christmas tags… and you’re on your way. They’re black and white, feature hexagon, cross, tree and heart shapes and come with the dot and cross pattern too. Add your own ribbon or string in your christmas colour scheme and you’re all set to wrap your

Santa’s Beard Christmas Calendar Printable

Last year we used my Santa’s Beard Christmas Countdown to mark off the days till christmas. This year, I decided to change it up a little bit. Colourwise… I’ve gone black and white. And added some crosses… Download my Christmas Countdown Calendar here It’s chocolate free and lot’s of fun to do. If you’re short on time, this

DIY Origami Crane Mobile

Did you know the crane is a mystical creature that’s believed to live for a thousand years? In Japanese, Chinese and Korean culture the crane represents good fortune and longevity. I made this origami crane mobile for my little guys room, with a stick, some cotton and some paper, …you can do it too, It’s

Boys bedroom makeover + DIY art and pen holders

It’s a bit exciting getting to big school age… That’s happening next year at our house.   So, I decided it was time for a makeover.   Excuse my fuzzy photo… and bad bed making… I was so excited to make up the new furniture I didn’t get many before photos. But… I love seeing what

Two super easy DIY Halloween pumpkin ideas

  Halloween keeps growing bigger and bigger here in oz… I’m a fan, as is the little guy, of course… I thought I’d share a quick way to… get your halloween on this year, with some spray paint and washi tape, and of course… some pumpkins. See the tutorial on these 2 easy DIY halloween pumpkin ideas below… they’re super

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