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How to wrap wine bottles as a gift

So… I do love a bit of wine economy… A couple of mates who have a studio kindly  let me use their space at Stem Media the other week, and I took a few shots of my prints for the shop. Of course they wouldn’t accept anything for the time I spent there, so I decided

Free printable garland + fold-a-shirt gift

Hi guys, I thought I’d share a free Printable Garland and how to make a cute shirt in a box gift for the person who has everything. It’s father’s day here this weekend and I’m looking for a cool idea to say…. “buy yourself something nice”. Our big guy is a bit fussy on his

Free DIY Fortune Teller Invite

Last week I received a Leibster Award from the lovely Katy Potaty and though it would be a great idea to give you my answers in the form of a DIY Fortune teller invite in gorgeous pink ombre. Download the FREE Fortune Teller Invite here   Katy asked me these questions, I thought it would be fun to find

Free DIY Fathers day gift labels

Fancy repurposing some strawberry crates into a beautiful gift for dad? Here’s how to make this easy DIY gift for father’s day, repurposing a strawberry crate and using my FREE printable. It’s a take on my Easter Egg Crates… So… If you’ve got some of these guys hanging around the house…   Get eating… then recycle them up and make your

Have you heard of printfinity business cards online?

They’re fancy pants business cards printed online from Moo… Using a print method called printfinity… (You can print as many different backs as you like in a print run)…   I love it…   It’s like a box of chocolates…   You never know which one you’re going to get.   I’ve been designing some quote prints… That will soon

Free DIY beach party invitations – folded 3D triangles

I went for a walk on the beach… and got inspired… That’s not hard with a view like that. It was the weathered wood that caught my eye and I snapped a few shots… Last week I made these triangle  boxes that were so easy to make, I wanted to explore that more. Here’s what

How to make this triangle box from cardboard

  We’ve got another party on this week and I thought I’d share some cute wrapping ideas with you (+ a super easy tutorial on how to make this gorgeous triangle box.) I make up lots of these pom poms and use them for wrapping embellishments. (See how easy it is here in my easter hat

Free Pizza Party Invite Printable

It’s been a bit of a pizza theme at our place lately. So, I decided to continue it, with a pizza party invite you can make yourself. Here’s two pizza party invite ideas you can print out and add your own details for your next party. There’s two options… The Pizza Box Invite.   Or… The Pizza

The best pizza dip with cream cheese!

I do love a party dip…   Guess what…. I just found the best pizza dip ever to rival my favourite cob dip.   It’s made with cream cheese and sour cream, pizza sauce and cheese,   It’s looks just like a pizza…   And the best bit…   It can be gluten free too.     Here’s

Dream Bigger + Abundance designer cushions by Tomfo

You may not know this but… I don’t mind a designer cushion or ten! And I love creating stuff. I’ve extended my word search greeting cards (we are printing some packs at the moment which will be available in the shop soon.) …to include cushions and prints. Here is my story of the “Abundance designer cushion”… This cushion design came to

DIY ruler growth chart

We made this DIY ruler growth chart. Why? …to keep track of our height so we can go on all the rides at that theme park place of course! Height measuring started in earnest when we first saw the ads….   I told the little guy, You have to be a certain height to go on all

DIY Straw Garland + I’m a dreamer print

You may say I’m a dreamer… But I’m not the only one.   I love this quote.     This week I made a super easy straw garland, (to go with my new, I’m a dreamer print) that you could use for a beach party… Or make a necklace with the kids this holidays, Or a wall decoration,

DIY Gluten Free Ice Cream Cake

Last week I made this for my mum’s birthday, it’s a super easy Gluten Free ice cream cake, using Bulla Ice Cream, (gluten free) Nestle Chocolate Melts and home made Gluten Free Honeycomb. It’s a cinch to make and looks fabulous. I love the crunch in the ice cream, delish! Plus there’s an easy tutorial to

How to make Gluten Free Honeycomb

There’s this cool ice cream cake that mum made… She’s gluten free. It’s got honeycomb in it, which makes it yum, but store bought honeycomb isn’t gluten free…so she can’t eat it… Until now… I couldn’t help myself, I searched for gluten free honeycomb everywhere, There was none at any store online. Then, I found

Free Word search birthday cards printable. The card for 27 occasions!

Lately we’ve had a lot of parties in our house and I have found myself quickly wrapping up a present as we are about to run out the door, I’ve been thinking to myself… “I really need to get a few birthday greeting cards on hand to use in a rush!” A child’s birthday party…

Ideas for a DIY kids superhero party – Batman themed party

My little guy turned five last week and we had a superhero party to celebrate, (it was a Batman themed Party!) Invitations were sent in the mail and then the big day arrived! I had such a great helper to help me make all the goodies. (Plus a few big guys to help on the

DIY Superhero Birthday Printables – TOMFO

Batman called today to find out how many kids would be at our Superhero Birthday Party… I think I am more excited than the birthday boy! It’s been a week of excitement at our house, we’ve been making some Superhero Birthday printables such as DIY water bottle labels, cool chocolate wrappers and chip holders for

How to make your own Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

Follow this easy, step-by-step tutorial to make a DIY tissue paper tassel garland as a special touch for your next party, wedding or baby shower. We have a superhero party coming up at our place, last birthday I made tissue paper pom pom balls, so it is time for something new, I’m thinking these will

Thank you for letting us live such a wonderful life

Today, as I walked  to a meeting at the Quay, I could feel a city getting ready to honour it’s bravest men and women. Anzac Day 2014! It is with endless gratitude that I write this post today. Tomorrow is Anzac Day here in Australia and I will be off to the dawn service, to

Fizzing colour… easy craft idea for kids this holidays

Looking for easy craft ideas for kids these school holidays? Try this super simple play idea that will keep the kids engrossed with things you already have in the kitchen cupboard – baking soda, vinegar and food dye, too easy! When you run out of ideas to keep the kids amused this holiday or even

Easter crafts using recycled pringles cans – Repurpose Art Challenge #10

A super easy easter craft idea for kids to help make. Repurpose some pringles or similar cans, and use my free easter printable or make your own version. Start by measuring the shape of your tubes, (I measured the tall ones to be 250mm x 220mm), outline the shape on A3 paper, then asked the

Super easy Spaghetti Boscaiola + stylish new menu planners in the shop

We’ve been meal planning at our house, such a fabulous way to save money and time every night. I’ve added 2 new stylish meal planner designs in the shop too. The guys are happier, and I’m feeling so organised, we’ve been trying some new recipes to boot. Check out this Spaghetti Boscaiola we’ve tried and

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