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The latest big news A lot has happened since I started this blog  in 2013. We’ve sold our house in the big smoke (Sydney) and made a sea change to a small coastal town called Yamba, and we’ve built our dream home on a budget in 5 months. I’ve created the Yamba Scandi Collection, it’s inspired by the patterns

Our March postcard- Tomfo

Check out our March pic, it’s featured on the 2013 Family Organiser for the whole month. It looks great on a postcard! Need a family planner to help you get organised so you can make more time to spend doing the things you love? Check out the ultimate family organiser in our shop here, with 5 columns so


As a special promo for our launch, we’re giving away 25 of our 2013 Family Organisers to our Facebook fans! To enter: Simply like our Facebook page. You’ll go int the draw and winners will be notified on the blog. Closes midnight Sunday March 2013.   The competition starts March 7 2013, and ends

Tomfo – Tomorrow’s Family Organiser – February’s postcard

Here is our postcard for February. Need some organisation in your life? Check out our 2013 Family Organiser This is the pic for this month with 5 columns for busy family members, it’s the perfect family planner. Keep track of all your appointments, and don’t forget to schedule in some me time! You can purchase

Yummy chocolate pizzas… so easy to make

I love this fab dessert. When we have family get-togethers we all bring a plate, I’ve been known to go to the local indian shop and buy a kofta curry to pass off as home made, but this is so easy, even I can do it. This dessert will knock everyone’s sox off at your

Organised office space

This is where I work, it’s a home office and seeing as I love black and white its been decorated to hide the mess of an office, but still look groovy on arrival. There’s three clocks, the time zones are… Sydney, Bali and Las Vegas, three of my favourite spots, although San Francisco came a

Live with love – Tomfo – welcome to the blog…

My mission is to live with love. It’s a mission inspired by one awesome guy – Tom. Who is Sarah Preston? I am a mum, a wife and work full-time as a graphic designer/lover of anything creative. I am a mix of my mum and dad and theirs before them and they all link back

DIY Keepsake Mason Jars

An easy tutorial on making these DIY Keepsake Mason Jars. I saw this here a while ago and thought how easy…I wanna try that too! (Won’t the oil ruin the photo I thought?) It sounded too easy, oil, a photo and a mason jar? I snapped up some mason jars from here. I used the app Be

Love the 2020 Family organiser- the perfect family planner!

We have been publishing and designing the Family Organiser for 13 years. This year’s 2020 Family organiser is available now to print yourself . Checking Tomfo in the kitchen when I make a cuppa or cook tea is so easy. Keeps everyone in the loop and all we need to do is check the calendar to see what everyone

Turn on your heart light – light up a new tradition

This tradition first started in memory of the beautiful Jae. I got some beautiful paper bags from here and some battery operated tea lights from here and then we got a few people over and started setting up our night light gathering. We grabbed a bit of sand and a hand shovel and started filling up

Surprise cards in the mail for the people you love!

Remember to post my little guy’s card to Grandma and Grandpa… Thanks Tomfo. It’s so beautiful to receive something in the mail these days, send a card, or postcard to someone you love for no apparent reason, you’ll make them smile all day. Keep an eye out for my postcard series, this one was inspired by

More time to enjoy life now you are more organised

My 2013 Family Organiser helps me get organised and enjoy life more. I’ll be off to visit the world, take time out to enjoy family and friends, who knows who I’ll meet along the way. This day I made some time, stopped, got out of the car and took a photo on the beach. This is Avalon,

No Cook Playdough – Easy to make

Working full time, as a mum, you can get a bit guilty about not spending enough time doing fun things with your kids. I’ve decided to do more cool stuff with my son, this is one of them we do together and there’s no cooking on the stove, so it’s not hot when you mix

January postcard – Tomfo – Tomorrow’s Family Organiser

Here is our January postcard,   Need something to keep track of everything? You’re a mum of two, work two jobs, studying for a teaching degree and still have time to coach basketball, be on the parents committee and take the children to their various dance & signing lessons, you need a Tomfo Family Organiser

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Sarah-Preston-TomfoHi I'm Sarah, I'm a blogger and an artist who’s made the sea change and moved to the north coast of Australia. I love an easy DIY and making my house my canvas, my new home has become my greatest project: Yamba Scandi. Come visit me in my shop to view my collection of prints, canvasses, home decor and paper goods READ MORE.

Sarah Preston

Yamba Scandi Collection | Tomfo | Scandinavian prints | black & white prints | wall art decor  

Yamba Scandi Collection // Black and white prints and canvasses // Home decor //Paper goods

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