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DIY Modern Macrame Wall Hanging

  Fancy making a modern macrame wall hanging? I’ve been meaning to… for ages. And, I’ve finally done it. As we get closer to moving into our new home, I’m gathering all things black and white and neutral so we can create a Scandinavian feel. I love the combination of wool and cord… Just makes you want to

How to make your own terrarium

  I made a terrarium. Why? Because I love making stuff for my home. That’s what makes a house a home I reckon.   This week, when I was at a local craft shop, a lady at the counter next to me said, “My husband says, why make it… why don’t you just buy it from the

Free Wi Fi Password Printable

Do you always get asked, “What’s your Wi- Fi password?” when friends, (especially the kids) or visitors  come over? And… always have to find your glasses to see it? I do.   I’ve decided to fix the problem with a free Wi-Fi Password printable. Now I can say, “Yep, it’s over there!” Because, I’m usually busy, making

Keep Your Fork Free Printable

  Keep your Fork. What the? That’s what I thought… when I received an email with this subject line from my folks the other day. It made me read it though. And, it propelled me to share it with you too. Here’s a snippet of the email. {original source unknown} There’s a free printable at the end

DIY Pallet Shoe Rack

I promised an easy DIY this week. And here it is. The easiest shoe rack ever!   How to make this DIY shoe rack using a pallet and some paint.   You will need: A pallet (I got one for free from my local hardware store) Black outdoor paint Paintbrush Sander   To make: Lightly sand

The Hibiscus Art Print – Yamba Scandi Collection

Have you got a flower that reminds you of your childhood? I do. It’s the hibiscus. My mum and dad have these in their garden, and I remember, as a kid, seeing just one perfect flower in a cup, on the table or the kitchen windowsill. Dad would stop me and say…” Look how perfect it is, isn’t it

How to make an Espresso Martini

  So, I went away on a girls mini break last weekend (so much fun) and we had these… Espresso Martinis. I’m not a coffee drinker. But maybe I’ve turned. OMG, just yum! I googled the recipe and found this one from the fabulous Jamie Oliver. Then set about recreating them myself.   How to make

Life’s important lessons can be learnt with a fishing rod

What does this new design in my Yamba Scandi Collection have to do with a fishing rod and life’s lessons? You may well ask… I never knew this before. But now I do. That humble rod, has many lessons to teach you. Maybe, it’s the journey you take to get to that secret spot, across the sand,

DIY Concrete Stool

  I’ve been getting my concrete on lately. And this DIY Concrete Stool from Home Made Modern has been on my hit list, ever since I pinned it on my Pinterest DIY board. It’s made from a bucket, concrete, some dowel and white paint. Super easy to make and hopefully it’s going to take pride of place in our new guest

DIY Big Fringe Garland

  I’ve been eyeing off this Big Fringe Garland from one of my favourite bloggers Oh Happy Day for a while now. We tried it. Loved it. And the best bit… It’s super easy to make.   It was the perfect backdrop for our recent Soccer themed party.   How to make a Big Fringe

DIY Concrete Mozzie Coil Holder

I don’t know about you… but, I get bitten by mozzies something fierce. We always seem to have a thousand mozzie coils lying around with no real home, we’d burn them on rocks, saucers, anything we can find at the time, (and we’d always lose that little metal holder). Until, now… I’ve created my own mozzie coil holder

DIY Soccer Party Favours and a free printable

Having a soccer party? Here’s how to make these easy DIY, soccer party favours, with a free printable, some scissors, a stapler and some lollies. We’re getting ready for a soccer party at our house. And now there’s one less thing  to do on the list. Phew! These are super easy to make.    

25 awesome things to do in Yamba

We’ve recently moved from Sydney to Yamba to start a whole new life, of less stress and simpler lifestyle choices, I thought I’d share a few of the awesome things we’ve found to do in Yamba. I think you’ll love them too! 1. Grab some prawns with the pelicans at the Co-Op One of the first places we visited, a gorgeous setting

DIY Soccer Party Poppers + A Free Printable

I’m a soccer mum now. So, obviously, we are having a soccer themed party this year. I’ve decided to jazz up some party poppers for the kids. It’s super easy to do. And who doesn’t love a party popper? Here’s how to make these soccer party poppers and there’s a free party popper printable to download too.

How to make a modern macrame plant hanger with venetian blind cord

How to make a modern macrame plant hanger with venetian blind cord, a stemless wineglass, an air plant and some decorative rocks. It’s super easy to do, check out the tutorial below.   You will need: Stemless Wine Glass or similar vessel Decorative rocks from the $2 dollar store Air Plant (I got mine from Bunnings)

How to make a sphagnum moss ball

  How to make this super easy Sphagnum moss ball planter. I saw some sphagnum moss at Big W the other day and had to give this a go. It was really easy. Just a bit messy. The finished product looks fab I think. If you don’t mind a bit of mess, here’s how I made

Introducing the Yamba Scandi Collection and a free printable

We live here… in Yamba. It’s been 5 weeks since we landed in our new town. …to live a simpler life. Away from the stress of the big smoke. And large mortgages.   To do all the things that we love. Like… Spend more time with our little guy. Make/design stuff. Surf. Fish. (who knew we’d

Do all the little things – free printable

  Today, I’m sharing a free printable. Do all the little things. It’s a reminder to myself, to do just that. {Sometimes, they can turn out to be the big things that make your day.}     This week, I did a little thing, Moved some work times around and made it to my little

5 Easy DIY Easter gifts/hats to make

  Easter is just around the corner. So… I thought I’d do a recap of some of my Easter crafts from last year today.   DIY Easter Gifts using recycled Strawberry/Tomato Punnets. A great way to re-use some old strawberry crates and make these Easter gift ideas. You can read the full tutorial and download the free

DIY Magnetic Shopping/To-Do List

  How to make this DIY magnetic Shopping/To-Do list. The other day, The new primary carer in our house, (PC, we call him for short) requested a shopping/to do list to help him get organised.   I thought I’d oblige with an easy option that you can make yourself.   It’s inspired by our new surroundings.

Do what you love – Free Printable

    I’m sharing a free printable today. Do what you love… then you will always be smiling. Inspired by my uncle Frank.   We have moved from the big smoke to a small town called Yamba. And that’s just what I plan to do… Today, I got my brushes out, And started doing what I

My 5 favourite things {at the moment}

We’ve moved! While brown packing boxes and the paper inside them, are my least favourite things at the moment…   I am sharing my 5 favourite things over at My Brown Paper Packages today. Head over here to check them out.     Here’s the view from the car on the way to Yamba below. {Our new sea

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