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How did you get so beautiful – spring?

The other day I was on the phone to my dad, and he said, “Have you been out for a walk today? You should do yourself a favour and head out, you will see flowers that weren’t there before, new green on the trees, and you will say to yourself…. How did you get so

Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Fajitas with Salsa and Guacamole – I love the salsa on toast too!

It’s no secret that I love Jamie, his food is so fresh and well… just yum. I have tried this recipe a few times and it’s been a winner on all occasions. I’m no chef for sure, but like all mums, I have to cook something every night and Jamie really does make my life

Bali… You know I love you! – My favourite restaurants in Bali, accommodation and shopping!

My love affair started with Bali over 15 years ago, I think we have stayed here about 10 times since, it’s the holiday that everyone in our family loves. We love the people, the food, the sunset on the beach, did I mention shopping and massages, oh, and the surf! It’s all about the surf

Organise your medicine supplies with stylish labels and some mini kitchen bins

Recently I was sick and needed to find that throat spray quick fast, I had to look in 3 different containers until I found it! “Arrgggh! That’s it! When I get better I’m sorting out that mess!” I thought. The good news is, I’m better and sorted. I used some mini kitchen bins from Kmart

2014 TOMFO (Tomorrow’s Family Organiser) Calendar – it’s time for a giveaway there’s 10 to be won!

  It’s time for a giveaway, there are 10  x 2014 Family Organiser Calendars to win! Valued at $25 each! Tomfo is more than a calendar, it will help you organise your life so you can get on with doing all the things you love! It features a 6 column grid and has space to write

My new vertical garden inside – I’ve got an Urbio!

Since watching the Block this year, I’ve become a fan of the vertical indoor garden, and before we left on holidays, I got online and after a few searches, decided to get this system for myself as a treat! God love me! My birthday was coming up – so I indulged myself. It’s taken a

The Life Creative recently featured TOMFO on the blog – very chuffed

So… I am a fan of the fabulous Chris over at The Life Creative. He has a fab blog about home and lifestyle with a local flavour, loves a cushion or ten and dabbles in all things crafty and DIY. I love his style, especially his creative finds and the fact that he supports local

Repurpose Art Challenge #7 – Gemma’s new prints

Introducing this beautiful artwork by Gemma, my challenge was… how to make this better, is that possible at all? I think it is perfect just the way it is, however, a challenge is a challenge. So, I came up with the idea of making a print of this beautiful drawing. I love the strong black

Entertain your kids with stuff you have in the garden

Sometimes everything you need is right infront of you… in the garden. Leaves, dirt, weeds, add a few toys you have lying around and you can pretend play for hours, we made a nature table, complete with a beanstalk from Jack in the Beanstalk. Who needs to buy new toys? You can check out the

Sweet Chilli + Bacon Potato Salad + FREE meal planner download

You had me at bacon! I am a sucker for bacon and now with the weather warming up, it’s time to get the BBQ fired up, slap on a steak and have a go at this fab potato salad. My Aunty made this for me years back and it’s now a recipe that I take

New Personalised Map Art now in the shop! Printables, Prints and Cushions!

Introducing new custom map art! Send me your street name, number and suburb and choose from 5 colour options and I will design you  a personalised pdf that you can print out and frame or make into a cushion.   MAKE IT INTO A CUSHION FOR ME! We’ve teamed up with the fabulous people at

It’s all about the shoes…the night I got the look from a celeb!

Funny how a new pair of shoes can make you feel like a million bucks! A lighthearted story about a mum in killer heels and a couple of shoes quotes thrown in to boot!   A few weeks ago my husband and I went on a night out to the city. Our adventure took us

2014 TOMFO, the family organiser calendar

With space to keep track of up to 6 family members, 2014 TOMFO is the perfect month-at-a-glance family planner for busy mums! This 6 column grid format is a perfect way to organise your busy family, with spaces to write up to 6 family members appointments and events, you’ll be super organised so you can

These are the numbers that have shaped my life

These are my special numbers… They symbolise the places and times spent with some of my favourite people… my heritage. I’ve always liked the graphic look of using numbers in design, but it’s hard to find numbers that mean something to me. So I’ve designed up some graphics that have my own special meaning and

NEW in my etsy shop! Editable Reward Charts – Superhero and Fairy – instant downloads

Reward charts are super huge in my house. My little guy loves receiving a sticker for doing those little things like, getting dressed by himself, listening to mummy and daddy, sharing, etc. I find it makes for an easy escape from the house in the morning to when I say “It’s time to get dressed

Weekend breakfast – bacon and egg muffins

We don’t have big brekkys at our place during the week, but… on the weekends we sometimes do! This is a quick brekky we make with bacon as the case for our muffins. My little guy helps mix the egg, then we pour the mix straight into the “bacon lined” patty pan tray and bake

Tomfo – Tomorrow’s Family Organiser – our August pic

The year is flying by, before you know it… it will be Christmas! (That’s crazy stuff) I’ve been designing and producing these family organisers since 2002, that’s 12 years, (when you count our new 2014 version) such a long love affair with a calendar. Here is the pic that has been hanging on our wall

Make a dinosaur garden with your kids

My little guy and I recently made a dinosaur garden. Was so much fun! The best thing is it keeps continuing to grow and give more fun as the days go on, I never thought it would be such a hit, especially the water sprayer!   You can check out the full post over at

Make a mod podge light cover with your child’s artwork- Repurpose Art Challenge #6

Introducing the cutest light switch… As part of my Repurpose Art Challenge, I received this absolutely beautiful drawing from Lincoln. What a beautiful piece! Far too cute not to see the light of night! (Pardon the pun) So…I decided to make this into a light cover for his bedroom.   YOU WILL NEED: Artwork and

Pocket Door Compartments or Shoe Holders – a neat way to store kids little toys

My little guy has so many little super heroes and random small figurines, I thought I’d share how we keep them organised. I got this pocket hanger at Howards Storage and it’s managed to keep all of our little heroes in the one spot. There are a few different sizes and colours, and they also

DIY Magnetic Seashell Clock

How to make a diy magnetic seashell clock… it’s super easy. The beach is one of our favourite places. We sometimes collect a few special shells from our beach adventures, when we come home we put them in the “shell bowl”. I thought I’d have a try at making something with these memories of our

Super quick meatballs and pasta- weekday dinners

Here’s an absolutely fab idea for a super quick dinner and the best bit… it’s fast and tastes yum! My guys ate the lot and that’s saying something. The big one had seconds and thirds and the little guy ate the whole thing, zucchini, carrots and all. Love, love it! Premade meatballs and a fab

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