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DIY Modern Flower Arrangement

  They say if you plant a garden… you plant happiness.   I remember my grandma used to make beautiful flower arrangements. And my friend’s mum. {Clever ladies}   I think, even simple green foliage can make a beautiful flower arrangement.   You can make this easy DIY modern flower arrangement with foliage you probably already have

DIY wire mesh memo board

I’ve always fancied one of these wire mesh memo boards. Now I’ve got two.   I thought you might like to know how we did it with some mini mesh panelling I found at the hardware store and some leftover screws and spacers we had.   So you can make one, … or two, yourself.  

14 awesome wall hooks and wooden knobs for your home

It was the day the hooks cleaned the house for me, {all by themselves} That I fell in love.   And became… totally hooked.   On wall hooks, and… wooden knobs.   I just love what they can do.   Bring order. Clean the house for you. Take you to a happy place. {I think they look

My Favourite Space

Helloooo. Today I’m over at The Builders Wife chatting about my favourite space. I’m thrilled to be hanging out over at Nicoles place, her gorgeous Queenslander is on my list to visit one day, after all, they’re planning a new, massive garage for 2016. I’m sure there’d be a space for me!   Infact… It’s a shame we don’t live

Our Yamba Scandi Home Tour

Hello and welcome to our home tour. It’s still a work in progress.   If you’ve been following my blog, (thank you x) you’ll know we started building our dream home in June 2015. They say it takes 10 years to fully complete your home when you build, so rather than waiting that long, I

What if you knew you couldn’t fail? A free Printable by Tomfo

Well helloooooo guys! Long time no speak. I’ve missed you all. Truly.   How was your Christmas break and school holidays? I took the longest break ever… But, I’m back with a new printable for you.   This line popped up on my instagram feed one day in the holidays. What would you do if you

Designer style table on a budget + a free xmas serviette printable

It’s all about the table… It’s where we eat. It’s where we talk, and laugh. Where we meet, with family and friends.   It’s also about the budget and design. We’ve never had a table like this before… {Designer style on a budget.}   Until now.   It’s reclaimed Elm, full of lines and grains. Gorgeous

Turners – a new piece in the Yamba Scandi Collection

Right about now… we have visitors on the way to Yamba. They’re about an hour away. I’m so excited. {So is everyone.}   Just like I was with all the ones before them. And, The one’s still to come. And the ones to come again.   Where will we take them when they get here?  

There Will Be Much Mistletoeing – {A free printable}

Need a quick and easy way to jazz up your house this Christmas… Yamba Scandi Style? Try this free Christmas printable download. There will be much mistletoeing.   I’m looking forward to lots of mistletoeing this Christmas. {Even without my favourites around} Fun, Friends, and love, in our new home.   And, I hope for you, in your homes too.

Easy DIY Christmas Light Wreath

Need a super easy decoration for Christmas? Try this DIY Christmas Light Wreath you can make in 10 mins.     DIY Christmas Light Wreath   You will need: White christmas lights (I used clear cord) Wire wreath (You could also use cane or foam) Large ribbon for bow Hook to hang   To make: Wrap the

How to light and style a narrow hallway

  We’ve got a narrow hallway. It’s a fact.   But, who says you can’t make it a feature with lights and words? then no one will even notice it’s narrow, …they’ll be too busy looking at the lights and words.   So, we wrote on the walls. Truly. With vinyl lettering. And, added some

How to make a desk with 2 drawers and a piece of wood

Hello guys. We are in, not totally unpacked… but in our new house. Yay!   I thought I’d give you a glimpse of my new office desk. Made without any screws, using two drawers and a piece of wood. You can make it too. It’s super easy.   DIY Office desk 2 x Malm drawers

The day we got the keys to our new dream home

{I wrote this yesterday, Wed 28th Oct}   Do you believe in angels? I do.   Today we got the keys to our new house. That will become our home, when it’s filled with my Yamba Scandi Collection which is inspired by the fabulous new community we live in, the generous people in it and family and

The pelican a new piece in the Yamba Scandi Collection

Introducing a new piece in the Yamba Scandi Collection.   The Pelican.   Apart from the fact, they happen to wear two of my favourite colours. And… I see so many of them here in Yamba.   We can learn a lot from pelicans.     They put themselves in the right position to hunt for

Free moving house change of address checklist printable

Moving… It’s a double edged sword. 7 months ago we moved. and we’re about to do it all again.   I remember changing address details took months to finally complete. So I’ve made a up a Free Moving House – Change of Address Checklist.   This time I’ll be better organised. And I won’t get

The laundry quote a free printable

    It’s not my favourite thing… doing laundry.   Recently, my mum came to town and she said politely… “I notice you wash all your clothes together?   You know… They will never be as white as they were yesterday?”   Then we went and had a fabulous lunch of prawns and a drop

Where we trod, a new piece in the Yamba Scandi Collection + a free gift tag printable

  Sometimes inspiration comes from where somebody else trod before you. Or… you, trod with them. Or… just the beauty of the landscape.   I think it’s all that and a little bit more.   A few weeks back my folks came to town. And we went here. The Breakwall at Turners Beach Yamba. It’s already

2016 Family Organiser Calendar + a free printable

  Introducing the 2016 Family Organiser Calendar.   The product that started this blog, is due in stock October 3. Tomfo – Stands for Tomorrow’s Family Organiser and it’s also the namesake of one special guy called Tom. This 2016 calendar will help keep everyone’s schedule at-a-glance.   It’s evolved a bit… This year it’s gone a little

Give Someone a Compliment Today – Free Printable

Did you know…. there are 7 good reasons why you should give someone a compliment today? Check out this story here, it says it better than I can.   Here are some of my favourites.   Compliments spark creativity. Compliments are free. (My dad always says that)   I have a wise friend who says this every day to

The “Y” print a new piece in the Yamba Scandi Collection

  The other week I was asked, “What’s your why?”   I’ve always wanted to create a letter print, but it needed to have meaning behind it. So here it is… The “Y” print. It’s a series of four prints and you can download one for free too. …Kinda like a reminder to ask yourself… why? (And

The Sugarcane Print a new piece in the Yamba Scandi Collection

Sugar and wine… are mighty fine. Introducing the latest piece in my Yamba Scandi Collection. The Sugarcane print. {You know you have a good neighbour, when you go to borrow a cup of sugar and leave with a cup of wine.} What magic words.   Now , that we happen to live at the cusp of the cane fields, the

DIY Scandi Style Mirror

    I get by with a little help… from my handyman. This DIY Scandi Style Mirror requires two 5mm grooves in each piece of dowel, which, I definitely couldn’t do perfectly. Luckily, I found Nigel, Yamba’s Handyman.   We have no full length mirrors in our new house, and rather than add mirrored doors on our wardrobes, I thought we’d

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