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Free Take a Chance Printable

Sometimes… you just need to take a chance, at least one. Or ask for one. Or give one. I’m a big fan of taking chances, and sparking conversations that make a difference.   I thought this would be a great reminder to me, about taking more chances that improve my life. And… hopefully yours too.  

DIY Tree Art Sculpture

The other day my husband messaged me from work, and said, “Are you still after a dead tree?” “Always!” I said. I drove right over to pick up the tree. It was big. And beautiful. Perfect. “This is going to be an awesome tree sculpture” I exclaimed. “Art even!” He smiled, a funny smile, the like, “you’re

20 awesome gifts for dad, that give back + DIY wrapping paper

Bought to you by Nuffnang and Good Spender   If I had one tip for myself… it would be, to get organised for Father’s day, earlier! I’ve left it to the last minute again.   Incase you’re like me; I’ve found a great site with some awesome gift ideas for hard-to-buy-for dads.   So, if you’re looking for

DIY Floating Pool Candle & Lights

  It’s all about family and friends, and time spent together. But, when you can’t be there, it’s nice to symbolise it I think.   There’s a party on this weekend and we won’t be there. {I can’t believe it!}   I decided to to make some floating pool candles and lights, so we can celebrate it too, under

DIY glass greenery art in a flask

Sometimes, it’s best to use what you’ve got a lot of, and in my case it happens to be… bamboo.   We planted some 10 months ago and it’s still growing.   This time last year my folks were driving through the sugarcane to visit us for the first time.   Today, they drove through the cane to

3 super easy DIY party table decoration ideas

A few weeks ago A friend of mine turned 40!   We had many meetings to discuss the party decorations.   I think that’s the best bit of a party… The anticipation.   And, making things together with friends.   Over wine of course! I thought I’d share 3 super easy decorations we made for

The day I told our house it won an MBA award

The other day I got a phone call, I was so sick, I took the message and went straight back to bed.   Then, two days later, I told our house what had happened… “You’ve just won an award!” I said.   Best Exhibition/Project Home $200,001-$300,000 at the recent MBA (Master Builders Association) Excellence in Regional

What a beautiful noise a new piece in the Yamba Scandi Collection

When I was young, We used to dress up in formal gear and go to see Neil Diamond in a group. It was a thing we did, boys wore tuxedos, girls wore long dresses, and we stood all concert, in a row, and sang and danced to every word. I wonder if he ever saw

DIY Shampoo Containers

“It’s not just a house… it’s a home.”   That’s the line I remember… from the 1997 Australian movie, The Castle.   It’s a wonderful thing… Making a house a home. Filling it with memories. And love.     You may well ask what shampoo containers have to do with that?   And I’d probably

Black and White laundry + clever storage ideas

Today I’m sharing our black and white laundry and some clever storage options to help keep your laundry neat and tidy. It’s a compact space, with some super simple storage ideas. Here’s the before shots. Firstly, we added a shelf to store our laundry baskets. And wall mounted the dryer. PRODUCTS USED Floor tiling Gretta Charcoal 300 x

70 birthday letters as a tablecloth

Have a 70th celebration coming up? Ever tried using 70 letters as a tablecloth for a birthday party?   Me either. Until, now.   In my travels on Pinterest I’ve seen lots of letter parties and I thought this would be a great idea to gather 70 letters for my mum for her birthday celebration. So, I

Monochrome Ikea Besta TV wall unit hack

Looking for a TV wall unit that acts as a modern piece of art, and functions as additional storage at the same time? Need maximum space in your lounge room? Why not try this Ikea Besta TV unit hack?   Introducing the TV wall unit with a twist.   This was our lounge room wall

DIY Modern 5 minute flower arrangement

Need a quick flower arrangement? Try this super simple, modern palm leaf flower arrangement. You can make in 5 mins.   It’s super simple to make. How to make a modern palm branch flower arrangement Snip 2 or 3 palm leaves. Use scissors to take the leaves off at the base. (see pics above) Then fill a

Milk and the power of one

  I saw a 16 year old girl who stood up this morning. For milk. And farmers And families. And Australia. And for Australian owned businesses. And getting a fair go. And for so much more in the bigger picture. And I signed her petition. {Thank you Chloe.} And I’m asking you to join me standing

How to make a creative Instagram account

Fancy some wow factor on your instagram account? I did. So I made a 12 shot series today.   I love Instagram. And getting creative with your account. Especially if you are creating a brand. Like me.   Here’s a way to show #thebiggerpicture I used this DIY 12 shot series to showcase my new

Kiss me quick the galah prints – The Yamba Scandi Collection

  This was my view as I walked the lake this morning… There was mist on the water and fish in the ripples. Lip smackingly beautiful.   The day before we saw these.. Kissing Galahs.     Some were kissing, some were in pairs others were not.   We stopped. To watched them.   You see,

Pandanus a new piece in the Yamba Scandi Collection

I have a tree… you need to meet. But… I think you’ll agree. It’s more than just a tree. (maybe you have one too?) This Pandanus at Turners. Made me take off my seatbelt and get out of the car, to take another photo. Again.   It’s more than just a tree that reminds me

10+ happy birthday messages to write in a birthday card

Just like that. After hours of preparing and making and re-making. My new Yamba Scandi Collection Shop is live. I’m so excited to introduce… The Yamba Scandi Collection. Black and white, home decor, scandi prints, canvasses and paper goods that are sometimes quirky, always inspired by Scandinavian Style, with a touch of Yamba.  I thought you might like to meet… my…

Just Love – a free printable

I’m humbled to be part of Sam’s “She’s so Inspiring” series over at The Annoyed Thyroid today. And, Grateful. that I crossed paths with this lovely lady, she’s totally inspiring.   If you haven’t met Sammie, she’s a dam fine cook.   I remember, The first time I met her, she made me fudge… and then I was hooked.

Creative QR codes

QR codes have been around for a while now, and perhaps some people don’t use them much anymore.   You know… It was always about the quality of the link. And the message behind it. Right?   I think we should bring them back as Art. And, you can too!   The other day I bought the

DIY Ikea shelf hack

I’m always looking for ways to make my home unique. Today I’m sharing this simple DIY you can make in 10 mins. This bracket shelf, has a secret…   And it’s so simple.   I can’t believe it never told me until now.     All you need is a stick, some string and a

Spray paint decor ideas with Rust-Oleum

I’ve got a beautiful plate.   That used to be my grandmas. I’ve carried it with me for years.   It used to whisper… “Please display me” when I open the drawer it lived in.   I knew I never would… until now.   I sprayed it with Rust-Oleum Spray Paint. And now it’s got so

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