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Things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF

So it’s been over a month and I’d love to be friends. I thought you might like to know a bit more about me… I got this idea from the very beautiful Ashley from Little Miss Momma, she’s gorgeous and I love her blog.

I am a dreamer… and a thinker, I am always thinking, sometimes I can’t get to sleep because I think too much.

If I say “meet you for a coffee” I really mean a hot chocolate – I don’t drink coffee.

I don’t iron, (only for very special occasions), I used to iron 3 baskets every Sunday when I was growing up – life is too short for ironing.


I love planning a party!

My first car was a V8 Chrysler Regal – white top with a brown body.

I love music and the sound of a guitar strumming. At the moment my favourite song is The Lumineers – Hey Ho!

I was always Frida when we sang Abba in the playground at school.

Someone once told me I was no good at my job and I should find another vocation, I didn’t believe them! I still don’t.

I had 5 solo art shows when I was younger, Hayley Lewis, Vince Sorrenti, Malcom Johnston, George Smilovici, and Michael Pursche opened them for me.

I work better on a deadline.

I have a list with things I have to do that I cross off each day. Sometimes I get to the end, sometimes I don’t.

I forgot my brother-in-law’s birthday 2 years in a row!

I love my 3 boys especially, when we are all laughing.


I always get a manicure and a spray tan when I go on a holiday. I am always trying to lose 3+ kgs to get back to peak condition, (may never happen, but I’m on it !)

I sold my first car for 6K after I finished uni and had worked for 2 years and back packed around the world for a whole year on that money. I went back 2 times after that!

Of all the places I’ve been, I keep going back to Bali. I’ve been going for 10 years now. (The last 7 with my husband and the little guy’s been twice)

I love nasi goreng, I could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner.


I believe when one door closes another one opens!

I used to eat condensed milk straight from the can when I was a kid.

My favourite dinner is when someone cooks it for me! I’d love a master chef to cook for us every night while I sip wine and take notes.


I’m trying to teach my little boy that cooking is fun so he has heaps of dishes he can make for his wife/partner and they will look after us when we are old, because we are such cool parents!

I am soooooo not sporty.

I am a bit partial to a wine or two and a dress up party with friends.

I hardly ever have photo’s of me, this is the latest one I could find, I am Audrey Hepburn (in my dreams) and my hubby is Brad Pitt!


When I don’t want to do something, I clean the house, (which I also dislike) before I start the thing I don’t want to do.

Some of my cupboards have stuff crammed in them and things fall out every time you open them.

My husband dislikes that I leave my cups around the house – about 3 a day, all in different spots!

I often walk along the beach and daydream about winning 20 million in lotto and all the people I’d give it to.

I once caught a Wahoo nearly as big as me! It was so big I couldn’t hold it when it was out of the water. I did it all my myself and the 2 other guys on the boat were not impressed that I had just sat in the seat and the line went. Amazing stuff in the Cook Islands!


I am a night owl – and I love sleeping in!

I love it when our dog bugs me in the morning for his breaky and at night for his dinner. I love his face when he looks at me…”surely you are not still working crazy woman… it’s time for bed and a treat!”

I believe that dreams and goals can come true if you really want them to!

I love this quote by Marilyn Monroe…


There’s more… I could go on for ages.

It goes without saying that people like Tom inspire me every day and the wonderful spider web that is my wonderful family and friends are the most important things in the world.

I’d love to know more about you, drop me a line on facebook, or here. Or write your own list and link back to me here.

Live with love


PS I just found out that I am crazy enough to make a Marshmallow Pizza for a chance to win 5K! Would you? It could be an awesome thing to do with the kids this school holidays. Check it out here.







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