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Drop by for organising ideas and watch as we design our house into a home… filled with our custom online prints and cushions. Everything has a story… we’re making a home with it.

Dream Bigger + Abundance designer cushions by Tomfo

You may not know this but… I don’t mind a designer cushion or ten! And I love creating stuff. I’ve extended my word search greeting cards (we are printing some packs at the moment which will be available in the shop soon.) …to include cushions and prints. Here is my story of the “Abundance designer cushion”… This cushion design came to

DIY ruler growth chart

We made this DIY ruler growth chart. Why? …to keep track of our height so we can go on all the rides at that theme park place of course! Height measuring started in earnest when we first saw the ads….   I told the little guy, You have to be a certain height to go on all

How to fold a plastic bag, save space, and go greener!

Do you recycle plastic bags? We haven’t bought a bin liner for our bin since I can remember as we re-use our shopping bags, but sometimes those bags grow into a mass of mess and I’m always forgetting to put some in the car to take shopping or have one on-hand in my handbag, they’re

DIY Christmas lights that spell love – simple to do!

Kaboom… It’s nearly Christmas! I think lights make everything more magical. Don’t you? Last weekend we put the tree up at our place, early I know, but we had a helper from interstate and I thought she’d love to share the “tree putting up” with our little guy. So we did it! And she loved it!

A timeline canvas to make – put all those photos on display

When mum asked me how she could make a timeline canvas, I said, let me do it for you! She had to wait a while, it took me an age to start, but once I started it was pretty neat seeing all the cool pics that were once in old photo albums. The request was

Make an outside chalkboard + our deck revamp

  How about making an outdoor chalkboard for the kids this Christmas? Summer is coming and it’s time to get out and spend some more hours outside! I Love that… dinner outside, more hours to relax and hang out together. I’ve been meaning to do something with one of our decks that was previously just a

How did you get so beautiful – spring?

The other day I was on the phone to my dad, and he said, “Have you been out for a walk today? You should do yourself a favour and head out, you will see flowers that weren’t there before, new green on the trees, and you will say to yourself…. How did you get so

Organise your medicine supplies with stylish labels and some mini kitchen bins

Recently I was sick and needed to find that throat spray quick fast, I had to look in 3 different containers until I found it! “Arrgggh! That’s it! When I get better I’m sorting out that mess!” I thought. The good news is, I’m better and sorted. I used some mini kitchen bins from Kmart

My new vertical garden inside – I’ve got an Urbio!

Since watching the Block this year, I’ve become a fan of the vertical indoor garden, and before we left on holidays, I got online and after a few searches, decided to get this system for myself as a treat! God love me! My birthday was coming up – so I indulged myself. It’s taken a

New Personalised Map Art now in the shop! Printables, Prints and Cushions!

Introducing new custom map art! Send me your street name, number and suburb and choose from 5 colour options and I will design you  a personalised pdf that you can print out and frame or make into a cushion.   MAKE IT INTO A CUSHION FOR ME! We’ve teamed up with the fabulous people at

These are the numbers that have shaped my life

These are my special numbers… They symbolise the places and times spent with some of my favourite people… my heritage. I’ve always liked the graphic look of using numbers in design, but it’s hard to find numbers that mean something to me. So I’ve designed up some graphics that have my own special meaning and

Make a dinosaur garden with your kids

My little guy and I recently made a dinosaur garden. Was so much fun! The best thing is it keeps continuing to grow and give more fun as the days go on, I never thought it would be such a hit, especially the water sprayer!   You can check out the full post over at

Pocket Door Compartments or Shoe Holders – a neat way to store kids little toys

My little guy has so many little super heroes and random small figurines, I thought I’d share how we keep them organised. I got this pocket hanger at Howards Storage and it’s managed to keep all of our little heroes in the one spot. There are a few different sizes and colours, and they also

DIY Magnetic Seashell Clock

How to make a diy magnetic seashell clock… it’s super easy. The beach is one of our favourite places. We sometimes collect a few special shells from our beach adventures, when we come home we put them in the “shell bowl”. I thought I’d have a try at making something with these memories of our

Repurpose your child’s artwork onto tin cans and stick them on a magnetic knife rack!

I’ve been saving tin cans for a while now, here is a way to give them a facelift and then hang on a magnetic strip for more storage. I scanned in some of our blow straw art from this post (and a few others that we did making butterflies by folding the paper on blobs

Organise your drawers- fold clothes vertically/on an angle!

I have been meaning to organise my sons messy drawers for ages, I finally did it! The secret… fold clothes vertically. On the odd occasion when friends were over and needed to borrow a spare t-shirt or pair of shorts for their little ones, I would cringe and say “Don’t look at the mess!”. There were

DIY Wardrobe art – photo wall art

How to turn a mirrored wardrobe into a photo wall art piece using large photo art applied directly to the mirror. We turned our old bedroom into a second tv/playroom with storage. The mirrored wardrobe made the room look like a bedroom still, so I came up with this idea… Firstly let me give you

Repurpose an old book into a sculpture – idea 2

So… I’ve had a lot of feedback about the book sculpture, I was motivated to try another one. This time I didn’t cut the spine away, I left it in tact and simply did the fold as here. You will need: I hardcover book (I used approx 750 pages) Your folding skills and some time.

Repurpose an old book- into a book sculpture

I love the smell of old books, I don’t like to see them go into the bin, so if you have an old hardback lying around that is no longer needed, try this easy idea to make your own book sculpture and continue the life of that beautiful book. So many beautiful shapes… You will

This is where our dog lives – we made him a doghouse + daybed!

Introducing our backyard! Our Murph lives here. This is zoysia grass, (you never have to mow it, was a pre-request from my husband and will always be clumpy like a hobbit’s hill) – we live on a hill, so that’s a plus to not have to mow that!   Here is our Murph when we

Organised office space

This is where I work, it’s a home office and seeing as I love black and white its been decorated to hide the mess of an office, but still look groovy on arrival. There’s three clocks, the time zones are… Sydney, Bali and Las Vegas, three of my favourite spots, although San Francisco came a

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