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Repurposing artwork into magnetic dominoes – RAC #4

Introducing Ella’s beautiful drawing. I love it, it’s gorgeous!

As part of my Repurpose Art Challenge, I decided to turn this pic into a set of magnetic dominoes.

I’ve always wanted to have a set of dominoes on the fridge. So when I saw this image come in, I knew it would also be a piece I could use for our house too, with my little guy learning numbers it will be a game we can play and learn at the same time.

You will need:

Domino Template (email me and I’ll send you mine or make up your own)


3  x A4 sheets of photographic paper

3 x A4 magnetic sheets


Firstly, I used my design program and made the original drawing a reverse image.


Then I made up a domino template, using the above image I enlarged it until I was happy with the pattern it made, this became my background for the dominoes. There were some spaces left over, so I wrote our little artists name on a few squares. The original artwork represents the zero tile, too cute!

TOMFO-REPURPOSEARTDOMINOES10There are 3 sheets of dominoes, so next step was to print these out and stick to magnetic paper. The magnetic sheets have adhesive on them, so you simply peel off and place the A4 page down, smoothing out any air bubbles. I have a large roll of this, but you can get magnetic A4 sheets from here. 

I used photographic paper for a nice, shiny finish, however you could also use normal paper and then mod podge the entire sheets, not as nice a finish but it still works, (how do I know? I did it like this first)


Then, I cut with my scalpel, following the trim marks and voila!… a magnetic set of dominoes. All nice and shiny, just like a bought one!


My little guy loved these, we have been testing out the product. Of course we don’t play the correct way, he’s only 4, but it’s still heaps of fun, we might get there one day.


We loved it so much we made a set for ourselves!

If you’d like a pdf of the dominoes template, send me an email sarahpreston{@} and I’ll email it to you, I have a version with blank spaces so you can add your own words. You could also just print these and stick onto card if you don’t have magnetic sheets.

When I packaged up these dominoes, Ella’s artwork was so cool, I repurposed it onto the wrapping as well, check this out on my next post.

I hope you like the magnetic dominoes Ella, and thanks for being part of the Repurpose Art Challenge, (keep an eye out for the postman!)


Have you repurposed any artworks?

I’d love to see how you have repurposed your artwork, you can post your creativeness to my facebook page here.



Live with love,





Do you wannabe part of the Repurpose Art Challenge? Check out the details here, I could be making something for you.


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