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Repurpose kids art into a clock – Introducing Charlie’s Clock

Introducing the first piece in my Repurpose Art Challenge, this one’s from Charlie.

What a fab piece of art, it’s ink on paper towel (a great idea mum, think we might give this technique a go too!) the colours are soooo beautiful, I love the fluidity!

I decided to turn it into a clock…  Here’s how I did it.


You will need:

Access to a computer and printer

Round wooden template (I got mine from Lincraft)

Clock mechanism (Lincraft)

Clock hands (as above)


Drill + bit

Spray adhesive

Mod podge  optional)


1 x AA Battery

I made a template to fit my round shape and added some numbers, I chose different fonts and positioned some off the edge. It already looks cool!


Then, I placed the printed page on my cutting matt and used the wooden template as a guide to trim the circle shape. (It was easier than cutting with scissors and gives a better finish).


Next step was to make the new clock face. I drilled a hole on the centre of the circle and glued on the new face. I used my fingers to smooth the paper over the edges to give a clean finish.


Then push the mechanism through the hole to the front and add the washer and nut supplied.


Add the hour hand first.


Then the minute hand and second hand.


I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to get the batteries in! Lastly, I added a coat of mod podge to protect the paper, although I actually liked the matt finish too.


Voila… A really cool clock! and it really works!

I soooo love it, I can hardly bear to send it on! (Only joking, keep a lookout in the mail Charlie)

These pics don’t do the colours justice, they are more vibrant than shown here.


This was really simple to make I think. My mind is already thinking of other clock ideas.


The clock comes with a hanging device, so we tried it out. My little guy wants one too! He said… “That’s cool mum, can I make one?” I have a spare set so I think we will do just that with some of his art.


Thanks for being part of the Repurpose Art Challenge Charlie (and mum too!) I’ve loved creating this for you.

My wish for you Charlie… many wonderful moments of “time” with your family!



Why not try making one yourself? I’d love to see your clock pics, share the love and link back here or post them on my facebook page.

Want to be a part the Repurpose Art Challenge? Check this link out.


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Live with Love,







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