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What a beautiful noise a new piece in the Yamba Scandi Collection

When I was young,

We used to dress up in formal gear and go to see Neil Diamond in a group.

It was a thing we did,

boys wore tuxedos,

girls wore long dresses,

and we stood all concert,

in a row,

and sang and danced to every word.

I wonder if he ever saw us and thought we were crazy?


We danced to his songs at every wedding.

We danced to his songs when we lost a friend.

We sang to his songs around kitchen tables over red wine.

We danced in circles to Sweet Caroline.

His music is a huge part of my life.



My first memory of Neil Diamond was seeing The Jazz Singer with my mum in 1980.

But the other day…


I saw this guy re-tell his story,

and he sang his songs,

and it made me remember…


the songs Neil Diamond wrote that are etched into the fabric of my soul,

the stories he turned into music.



If I could’t be in awe of him any more,

I became more so,

when I found out HOW he wrote,

What a beautiful noise…




He was in a hotel with his two little girls,

they were on the fourth floor,

the windows were open

and beneath them on 5th Avenue

a Puerto Rican Parade was going by.

His daughter, Marjorie said…

“What a beautiful noise dad!”

They started writing the song together that night.

The rest is history.


I’ve always known I loved Neil Diamond.

(That voice gets me every time he speaks.)



now I love him even more.


children creating with dad’s,

is the music of life!
What a beautiful noise coming up from the street…

My latest piece in the Yamba Scandi Collection.





I had to create something to remind me of this evening,

and all the ones before,

and all the ones still to come.

It was begging for me to make it into art.




I wanted to say

thank you Mr Diamond,

for making stories

out of words.

For growing songs from your melodies,

and sharing emotions in every tune.



inspiring me

and so many others.


What a beautiful noise…

the music of life.


Do you have a favourite Neil Diamond song?

Ever dress up to see him in concert?

What’s your beautiful noise?


Happy weekend guys

Live with Love,




PS: You might have noticed, I’ve become one of the Bloggerati over at Nuffnang.
I’m super excited to be making some beautiful noises with them in the near future.



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19 responses to “What a beautiful noise a new piece in the Yamba Scandi Collection”

  1. Sandra Kelly says:

    What a lovely, lovely post Sarah! From now on when I hear that song I will smile heartfelt smiles. Beautiful back story. Congratulations on becoming a nuffnang blogger! Exciting. 🙂 Xx

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you lovely lady, I just love all his songs, so many great memories and to think, I never knew that story till last week.
      Thanks lovely, very excited to be part of Bloggerati x
      Have a great weekend, see you sunday. x

  2. I love Neil Diamond, and the Jazz Singer has the best soundtrack! My uncle loved Neil Diamond when he was alive, he used to get front row seats to every show, every time I was in London. I’m sure Neil must have known he was there, as I’m sure he knew you and your friends were, in your finest! This post made my heart sing! xx

    • Sarah says:

      I totally agree, I think it has the best soundtrack, what a wonderful memory of your uncle, glad to have bought back fond memories of your uncle who loved Neil as much as I do. x

  3. I always love reading stories about parents creating with their kids! That’s so cool!
    Paula, The Geeky Shopaholic recently posted…The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #77My Profile

    • Sarah says:

      Isn’t it just, we saw a home movie of Neil singing the first take in the apartment with his kids on the evening, it was just so awesome, priceless even x

  4. I’m also a Neil Diamond fan and some of his songs are totally intertwined with significant life events. I love this post and your artwork plus congratultions on being a Bloggerartti too. Xx
    Vicki @ Boiled Eggs & Soldiers recently posted…Your Weekly Feed # 61My Profile

    • Sarah says:

      Well hello again… hello, (sorry I couldn’t help myself Vicki.)
      So many songs interwoven in our lives.
      Thanks for the lovely comment on the new piece and the congrats. x

  5. I know I say this a lot to you but you are some bloody cool! I love this. I’m not a huge Diamond fan but this piece and it’s meaning is wonderful.
    Karin @ Calm to Conniption recently posted…The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #77: Just Quietly, Loving This Weather!My Profile

    • Sarah says:

      You see, you don’t even need to be a fan to like his songs, it’s the story he leaves after the tune is sung.
      I’m glad you love this piece and it’s meaning, thank you lovely, ditto, straight back at ya x

  6. Grace says:

    You’ve inspired me to listen to more Neil Diamond. “What a beautiful noise” for sure!
    Grace recently posted…FYBF – Scared, angry but mostly tiredMy Profile

    • Sarah says:

      Yay, it’s been on rewind at our place the last few weeks, the neighbours must love us! x Happy listening lovely x

  7. Congratulations on becoming part of the Blogeratti! That’s super exciting. I am not a huge fan of Neil Diamond, however I am a massive fan of your new piece, stunning!
    Nicole @ The Builder’s Wife recently posted…21 Things Better Than PaperworkMy Profile

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you lovely, very exciting news and looking forward to what lies ahead.
      I think you just made yourself a silent fan, by loving my piece, it was born from his tune.
      Thank you xxx

  8. Bec Senyard says:

    Gorgeous post. And that artwork is awesome!!
    Bec Senyard recently posted…Plumbing Night of Nights – The Plumbing and Gas Awards 2016My Profile

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