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The best pizza dip with cream cheese!

I do love a party dip…   Guess what…. I just found the best pizza dip ever to rival my favourite cob dip.   It’s made with cream cheese and sour cream, pizza sauce and cheese,   It’s looks just like a pizza…   And the best bit…   It can be gluten free too.     Here’s

DIY ruler growth chart

We made this DIY ruler growth chart. Why? …to keep track of our height so we can go on all the rides at that theme park place of course! Height measuring started in earnest when we first saw the ads….   I told the little guy, You have to be a certain height to go on all

Fizzing colour… easy craft idea for kids this holidays

Looking for easy craft ideas for kids these school holidays? Try this super simple play idea that will keep the kids engrossed with things you already have in the kitchen cupboard – baking soda, vinegar and food dye, too easy! When you run out of ideas to keep the kids amused this holiday or even

Easter crafts using recycled pringles cans – Repurpose Art Challenge #10

A super easy easter craft idea for kids to help make. Repurpose some pringles or similar cans, and use my free easter printable or make your own version. Start by measuring the shape of your tubes, (I measured the tall ones to be 250mm x 220mm), outline the shape on A3 paper, then asked the

DIY Easter Bunny Hat Printable + Mini Pom Pom Tutorial

I’m sooo excited to say that my DIY Easter Bunny Hat printable + mini pom pom tutorial is being featured over at U Create today. The fabulous Kari has an awesome blog that showcases FREE Printables, kids crafts, recipes, party inspiration and more. I’m a massive fan and I’m pretty much jumping for joy at

Happy Valentines day, a quick sticker for my lover

We don’t do valentines at our house… but I can’t help myself, I have to do something, even if it’s a handmade card or a flower on the bench. Last night I ducked outside and stuck a few heart stickers on the door handles and both mirrors on my husbands truck, just for fun. The

Jamie Oliver’s Herby Salad with grapes, prosciutto and fennel seeds

Over the summer, I’ve tried out a few new salads, here is one of my faves of the moment from Mr Oliver. A great mate introduced me to it last year from his 3o minute meals and I’ve made it about 3 times since. I’m in love with the fennel seeds, prosciutto and the grapes.

How to fold a plastic bag, save space, and go greener!

Do you recycle plastic bags? We haven’t bought a bin liner for our bin since I can remember as we re-use our shopping bags, but sometimes those bags grow into a mass of mess and I’m always forgetting to put some in the car to take shopping or have one on-hand in my handbag, they’re

DIY Personalised Movie Party Printables + any excuse to watch a movie under the stars

Planning a party, how about a movie party? Who doesn’t love a movie? I have been threatening for, (seems like ages) of setting up a sheet/outdoor projector screen/tv on an extension cord and playing a movie at night on our deck, I think it’s a great idea for the summer. The pic below is from my Pinterest Movie

Do you have a christmas tradition? Here’s ours…

Christmas traditions do you have one? Here is ours…every year we light tealights in paper bags and make a trail on the lawn on Christmas eve for all the people in our lives. It started as a tribute to the beautiful Jae and has continued ever since. The first year we lit candles in white

A rap song about Tomfo

With the help of some talented people, I can say it’s a wrap! We made a video! Christmas is fast approaching and I thought it was a good time to reflect on all that’s happened on my little blog over the past nine months. I had so much fun creating this with the guys, I

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