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DIY Personalised Movie Party Printables + any excuse to watch a movie under the stars

Planning a party, how about a movie party?

Who doesn’t love a movie? I have been threatening for, (seems like ages) of setting up a sheet/outdoor projector screen/tv on an extension cord and playing a movie at night on our deck, I think it’s a great idea for the summer. The pic below is from my Pinterest Movie Party Board… we can do this, I’m thinking!


Source {Pottery Barn}

With just a little planning, we can make fabulous memories of every day nights, especially when summer is here. Who needs a party for an excuse to watch a movie outside? (Plus we need to keep the eternal holiday happening at our house, some of us are not happy to be going back to work!)Must put it on my bucket list for this summer, (more times than once too!)

Here are a couple of ideas for your Movie Party from My Movie Party Pinterest board. Why not try one for valentines day coming up? Cold at your place? Rug up, set up an outdoor heater and watch the movies outside, or make some cozy tents like the picture below indoors.


1. Make an edible movie party necklace, take your treats with you to the show! You could just do this for fun on a weekend with Fruit Loops before watching a movie at home.  {source Blondie and Brownies }

2. Love this Movie Cake idea, a simple cake with movie tickets as the base, check out this blog for some cool ideas, love the movie trays on here also!  { Source Pettingill  Family Blog Spot }

3. Great idea for a movie sleep over {source Pinterest} Does it really need to be for the kids? I think I’d love to do this with some girlfriends… until I snored and had to go to my own bed! (lol!)

4. POPCORN CAKE: This cake looks easy enough to do, a rectangle cake, (did you know you can buy them from the supermarkets, buy Orchard Icing, I think you would need 2 packets, colour one red, roll and place the white icing over the cake, then add red strips, then add Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs, (I used to love them as a kid), I haven’t tried this but I think it could be done!  {source Food Network }

You could go to a movie theatre for a kids party or set up your own like the one above in your own backyard or deck – dont’ have a movie screen? Use a long extension cord and move your TV outside, add popcorn, blankets and let the kids experience a new environment, magic!

Oh… I love this idea if you are lucky enough to have a pool too.


Source {Pinterest}

So… if you are planning a movie party in the future get in touch for some cool party printables to personalise and make your party experience extra special, here’s the lowdown on the party package.You don’t have to be a kid to have a movie party though, I think some funky tunes on arrival with some appetizers and a great surf movie or Audrey Hepburn movie could be a fab older generation celebration too, contact me if you’d like to adjust the package to suit your needs.

The full package includes the following:

1. 60mm dia. (approx 2.4 “) CUSTOMIZED Favour Tags (Can be used as stickers on boxes, or stick to ribbon and attach to a box or bag) + CUSTOMISED Favour BagToppers

2. CUSTOMIZED Mini Flags {can be used on toothpicks, straws or as cake bunting}

3. CUSTOMIZED Water Bottle Labels {complete with space to write each persons name}

4. CUSTOMIZED A5 size Invitation {To fit C5 envelope}

5. 60mm dia. (approx 2.4 “) CUSTOMIZED Party Circle Labels (for cupcake toppers, labels, tags)

6. Food/Dessert Placecards 76mm sq. (approx 3″) {can be customised at an additional fee}

7. CUSTOMIZED Chocolate Wrappers

8. CUSTOMISED Birthday Banner {in 2 designs}



Here are a few close up shots so you can view each piece.

PERSONALISED BAG TOPPER: I used a clear cellophane bag, printed out my printables, then scored and folded, filled with jaffas and fastened with a stapler. The package also includes THANK YOU CIRCLE LABELS, incase you want to use a pre-made box or bag and attach with ribbon. I printed the Personalised Circles on Avery L7256 Stickers, then stuck two together on some ribbon and tied onto a cute red striped box as an option.




MINI FLAGS: The flags match in with the red and white movie theme and are also personalised with your childs name and age, you can use the flags around straws, wrap them around a toothpick and use them as cake toppers or mini bunting on your cake, they are designed to be used both portrait and landscape.


TOMFO-MOVIEPART-PRINTABLES-WATER-BOTTLESPERSONALISED WATER BOTTLE LABELS: Grab yourself some 350ml or 600mL water bottles, I got mine from Aldi and used the Frantelle 350mL, however the labels have been designed to fit on both sizes. The label features a cute saying and space to write your ” Co – Starring” guests name on the bottles so everyone can keep track of their drinks.



Contact me when ordering by email and advise your childs name, date, RSVP details and I’ll send you a pdf of the invite to approve, you can also purchase this piece individually here. Don’t be scared to have a party for the adults as well, I can see great party for the older generation too, (perhaps in black and white, contact me here)


PERSONALISED CIRCLE LABLES: There are 2 designs as featured here, these can be printed out on card (I suggest using 200gsm) or print onto Avery L7256 Stickers for the best results, (if you’re not so steady with your scissors), then stick back to back on a toothpick.


PERSONALISED FOOD LABLES: I never really thought it was that important to have food labels, but if you use some funky names, it makes it pretty cool, (excuse my lack of creativity on the simple titles above). Print these onto card (200gsm for best results) then lightly score and fold over.


PERSONALISED CHOCOLATE WRAPPERS: I think if you have a few “party stoppers” then that “makes” the party on your big day, these chocolate bars are a quick way to make a party stopper that you can prepare the night before, so you have more time on the day of the party. Display them on a white tray and you have another stylish treat to serve. I used Aldi Choceur Mini Chocolates, these also work with Furry Friends or any 15g – 40g mini chocolate bar. Print out on normal copy paper, cut, then wrap like a present and tape to secure.


PERSONALISED BUNTING: A neat way to decorate the party table or wall behind. The bunting is personalised with your child’s name. Print on 200gsm card, cut out, then hole punch and thread through ribbon (I used cheap curling ribbon) then hang as required. The good thing about the printables is you can print as many copies as you like. Prices start from $15.99 to $39.99 for the full package, head to my shop to find out more, each pdf comes with easy instructions and print tips for your home computer.


Find the 200gsm card here and the Avery Round Label Stickers here (60 labels)

Frantelle 350mL water (has a white top so it looks goes with all the printables)

Choceur Mini Chocolate Bars from Aldi (White Crisp is yum) $ 2.79 pk 5 or Furry Friends Woolworths $2.80 Pk 5

Have you ever had a movie party?

I so have to do one before the summer ends! Movies under the stars with my 3 guys… magic! Or perhaps “Big Wednesday” with just the big guy for a cosy night in!

I’d love to hear about yours and if you’ve watched a movie under the stars just for fun (why wait for a party excuse I say, just make one up!)

Drop me a line on my facebook page or send me an email sarahpreston{at}



Live with Love,


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