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Speedy circle present wrap idea using children’s art – repurpose art challenge #5

Here’s a quick present wrap idea. Got some scissors, paper and a stapler? Cut a circle out of some artwork, paper, a magazine etc and then staple the two pieces together. Leave a space at the top to insert your gift and you’ve got a neat way to wrap a present. Or check out my

Thai beef salad with cranberries – dinner winner!

So, here is the “dinner winner” at our house this week. It’s an old recipe I used to make years ago. I used to make this for my husband when we were first lovers! Seven years later, it’s still yum, and as I’m on a bit of a health kick, (summer is a coming you

Repurposing artwork into magnetic dominoes – RAC #4

Introducing Ella’s beautiful drawing. I love it, it’s gorgeous! As part of my Repurpose Art Challenge, I decided to turn this pic into a set of magnetic dominoes. I’ve always wanted to have a set of dominoes on the fridge. So when I saw this image come in, I knew it would also be a

Tomfo – Tomorrow’s Family Organiser – Where did July go?

Hey there, it’s nearly the end of July already! You’re kidding right! So close to August I can pretty much touch it! If you haven’t already got one of these Family Organisers you’ve still got till 25th July to enter for a chance to win one of 25! I love this organiser, it has a

1000 Awesome Fans – Thanks guys. I’m nuts about you!

Seems I am forever saying to my little guy, “What’s the magic word? Please? Thank you?” Only fitting then, that I should live by my words. Tomfo started 4 months ago, inspired by Tom, I reckon he’d be giving me high fives for reaching 1000 “smoking hot” fans! So… I wanted to say thankyou for hanging around.

Make a paper necklace from your child’s artwork -Tomfo Repurpose Art Challenge #3

When I received these artworks from the beautiful Ruby and Jess for the Repurpose Art Challenge, I initially had another project in mind. But, after looking at the colours, I decided to make some beautiful beads and turn these into a necklace that their mum can wear (if the girls let her!) I think being

Quick present wrapping with kids art – Repurpose Art Challenge #2

Need a quick way to wrap up a present? Try this easy idea with your child’s art and a stapler! No sticky tape necessary! I had some artwork scanned in from the Repurpose Art Challenge #3 so I printed out a couple of pages and made this quick wrap idea. You will need: Paper Stapler

Apricot balls – “no cook” easy treat to make with the kids!

When I was a kid, I used to go over to the neighbours and make cakes and things. These apricot balls are etched in my memory, every year we get together at christmas and my neighbour still brings a selection of her slices and these over. Probably where I got my love of condensed milk

Repurpose kids art into a clock – Introducing Charlie’s Clock

Introducing the first piece in my Repurpose Art Challenge, this one’s from Charlie. What a fab piece of art, it’s ink on paper towel (a great idea mum, think we might give this technique a go too!) the colours are soooo beautiful, I love the fluidity! I decided to turn it into a clock…  Here’s

Easy Chicken Pie

Looking for an easy dinner that works every time? I make this chicken pie, it’s simple and my guys love it. I’m making a collection of my easy meals that I’ve made and tried, so I have a place to come back to refer to them. This was an old recipe I used to make

Repurpose kids art into storage for their artworks

  I said to my little guy, “I’m sooooo excited today!” He said, “Why… are you getting chocolate?”   Too cute, I wasn’t getting chocolate today, but I might just treat myself now. I’m writing for Mum’s Lounge! My first post is up over there today, it’s all about repurposing kids art and then using

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