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What if you knew you couldn’t fail? A free Printable by Tomfo

Well helloooooo guys!

Long time no speak.

I’ve missed you all.



How was your Christmas break and school holidays?

I took the longest break ever…

But, I’m back with a new printable for you.


This line popped up on my instagram feed one day in the holidays.

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?


it really made think.


What would I do?

Aren’t I doing it?




I took a break from my passion…

creating and talking to you.


And just followed my curiosity,

these last 6 weeks {or was it more?}

I just did what ever evolved over the holidays.


It was wonderful.


We’ve been settling in to our new house and getting organised.


There’s a long way to go, but we have achieved so much last year.


A new move.


A new house.


New friends.



We had visitors for days,

at one time we had 22 people staying here for 10 days.





then we missed them all

and the crazy

when they went.


Inevitable really.



I became the hook nazi….

There’s 20 hooks in our new house. {like the ones above}


For bags…

and necklaces

for hats…

beach bags…

and cooler bags.


When people would come over,

I quietly placed their bags and hats on the hooks {we had a few parties}

And you know what?

Now they come and do it straight away.

No more bags on counters or tables.


I love it!


everyone thinks it’s a fabulous joke.

{Which is even better.}

Plus you get to see everyone’s cool bags.


If I’d known I could have cleared bags and hats and phones off my tables and work surfaces

that easily…


I would have done it years ago.



I still had those words in my head though…


These last few weeks.


What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?


Haven’t I been doing that all this time?


I thought.


Maybe I had too long a break?

Have I lost my voice?




just the other day my fabulous cousin shared this clip.

You totally have to watch this…




I’ve never heard of giant bamboo before.

But I think I love it!

and everything it stands for in this clip.


What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

That’s me.

I thought.

I’m just like the farmer who waters the bamboo!

This year I’m buying the biggest kickbutt watering can

I can find….


And I’ll be looking at this print as a reminder.

{You can download it too, just click on the image below}




I’d like to think that I’ve been growing all those root systems, for like…

my whole life,


2016 is going to be the year, that my bamboo grows.


How about you?



What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?


Is your bamboo just about to grow like crazy?


Are you still watering it?


Are you buying one, big kickbutt watering can like me this year?

Lets do it together.


Have a fabulous weekend guys,





Live with Love,



PS: I promised you a full house tour last year,


I’m planning one next week to show you inside our home.


You’re all welcome to pop by for a cup of sugar.

I’ll put the drinks on ice. x




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15 responses to “What if you knew you couldn’t fail? A free Printable by Tomfo”

  1. Kim says:

    Love the hooks!
    I have just done the same thing. Hooks for Christmas in this house.
    And they work.
    Want to see the house tour, so I will stay tuned for next week.
    Happy New Year to u all.
    Love us xx

    • Sarah says:

      Hello you, great minds think alike hey? Hooks rule and how good is it when they actually work?
      Can’t wait to show you the house, still a lot to do but getting there. See you next week.happy new year to you guys too xx

  2. What a lovely print! I also am in love with those leaves? Do you know what they are called? Are they real or fake? Where did you get them from?
    Shari from GoodFoodWeek recently posted…Recipe: Vegan banana breadMy Profile

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you lovely lady, I think it is a brilliant question to ponder. The plant is called Monsteria. My husband wouldn’t let me plant this, even in a pot as the roots go crazy especially in drains etc. so When I saw some single leaves at Freedom I grabbed a few they look quite real for artificial ones. X

  3. Yay! You’re back! I missed you. That video is awesome – so many great quotes and so much inspiration. I feel I should watch it again and pause it so I can take notes! I think my bamboo is forever being watered! I love that you’re back and generous as ever, with a fab new printable. I cannot wait for the house tour next week! Bring it on!

    • Sarah says:

      Imagine how tall your bamboo will grow then lovely lady!
      Lovely to be back, missed you guys too, hope you are having a great weekend see you next week. X

  4. Charlene says:

    ‘Hook Nazi’ – LOVE IT! It really does make a difference when you don’t put things, like bags on open surfaces or on the floor – it instantly clutters the room. I have just moved our bags to a tall cupboard in the kitchen – they are off the floor and off our main surfaces, and best of all out of sight.

    I look forward to seeing you home tour next week. (#HIT)

    • Sarah says:

      I totally agree,it makes things look cleaner straight away, love the sound of that cupboard you will love that decision for a long time to come! Hope you are having a great weekend, look forward to seeing you next week x

  5. I haven’t watched the video just yet, but I can say with confidence this year is all about floating on the water and trusting the universe to keep me afloat. I’m trusting that I won’t fail and that what I need is just around the corner. xx
    Nicole @ The Builder’s Wife recently posted…My Trade Story – Nicole Cox The Builder’s WifeMy Profile

  6. I need a hook nazi to visit my place! Love this quote. .. really gets you thinking doesn’t it.
    And a big welcome back. We missed you but so glad you had a fab break. Super excited about the house tour. Xx
    shannon @my2morrows recently posted…The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #53My Profile

    • Sarah says:

      Lovely to be back, the hooks have been the best addition to our house, and they are such a talking point because everyone uses them. I totally agree about this quote, hope it inspires you to grab your dreams x

  7. I have always loved that saying – and I truly believe I am doing what I feared most of failing – running my own businesses. As for the hook – sheer brilliance. I have a pet peeve of people leaving bags and jackets and stuff everywhere when they come to visit. I mean I just spent ages cleaning the house up to look nice and then they go and clutter it up with their stuff lol xx
    Sonia Life Love Hiccups recently posted…Making & Taking More TimeMy Profile

  8. I just put wooden hooks in my laundry and I love them! Even the husband commented just yesterday how much he liked them. Another awesome printable, thank you!
    Karin @ Calm to Conniption recently posted…An Ice Cream Party For A Girl Who Is One!My Profile

  9. Grace says:

    Ah, so much to think about from this one post, Sarah! That clip is amazing. I think I’ll be clicking onto it each time I need some inspiration and motivation.
    Grace recently posted…FYBF – The Old SchoolyardMy Profile

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